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Brentwood at Elkhart

3600 East Bristol Street
Elkhart, IN 46514

About Our Community

We have promised ourselves that we shall always treat our residents as we would our own loved ones. Nothing less than our best will do.

This is the promise that the staff at Brentwood at Elkhart – and throughout Brookdale Senior Living communities has shared since our community first opened its doors. It’s a simple promise to become extended family to the seniors entrusted in our care and to our retirees who have chosen our community for its active lifestyle.

The Perfect Location

Just off the 80/90 toll road, Brentwood at Elkhart is an inviting location many seniors call home. The City of Elkhart boasts a beautiful downtown anchored by the historic, and newly renovated, Lerner Theatre and where Bayer was founded. Elkhart County is RV capital of the world and home to a vibrant Amish community to explore. A mere 20 minutes from the quiet of Elkhart and Brentwood are the cheers and roar of the crowd at the University of Notre Dame home of the Fighting Irish and Touchdown Jesus. Explore a little further and you will find Michigan’s wine country, Lake Michigan and the not so little city of Chicago just a little further down the road.

A Wonderful Selection

Set on beautifully landscaped grounds with a lovely courtyard, Brentwood at Elkhart is one of the premier Indiana retirement living communities. Whether it is a one bedroom apartment, a two bedroom apartment or one of our six villas you desire, Brentwood at Elkhart is a great place to call home. It is where residents are welcome to explore the community inside and out. Walk into the lobby and find residents reading the newspaper or look off to the left and catch a group playing cards or bingo. When the familiar sound of a Wii console catches your ear, look up and see a group engaged in a friendly game of Wii bowling. Can’t find anyone? They are probably out to the Bristol Opera House, or the botanical gardens, or maybe they are just taking the Brentwood bus to Martin’s for a few things. Brentwood is proud to recognize every resident’s independence and ability to choose. From food to activities, at Brentwood, the residents are in control.

Strong, Caring Professional Relationships

Brentwood has strong ties to the Elkhart community. From physicians to in home providers, residents at Brentwood have access to great providers and great care. We enjoy the company of several agencies that have become a larger family to Brentwood.

Our Staff

The Brentwood staff lives the Brookdale motto everyday, “Our Family is Committed to Yours.” Whether it is 3am and a concierge needs to change a light bulb, the chef making fresh baked cookies in the afternoon or the maintenance director is hanging that new picture you just bought; the Brentwood staff is here for you. For the staff, Brentwood is not where they work; it is your home and the staff just happens to work in it.

Our Community Lifestyle

A Wonderful Active Lifestyle

Brentwood residents lead an active lifestyle. After dinner entertainment and musical performances are common place at the Brentwood. Guest speakers on a variety of topics are invited to the Brentwood regularly. There are more groups than you could participate in – from sewing, crochet, cards Wii bowling, table games, group activities and much, much more. Our building is being upgraded to provide Wi-Fi throughout the building. Often residents will venture outside of the Brentwood as well (i.e., various local tours – such as the quilted gardens, dinner outings, etc.). Whatever you enjoy, Brentwood likely has a group that does too.

Partnering with the Community

The local neighborhood makes good use of what Brentwood has to offer. From the Mr. & Mrs. Club to Senior Expos, homeowners associations to neighborhood picnics and Boomer Boot camp, Brentwood is the place to be. Brentwood and the staff are actively involved in the Elkhart Chamber of Commerce and other civic organizations. The Elkhart public library book mobile makes monthly stops at the Brentwood to ensure residents always have a variety of reading choices. The library at Brentwood boasts over 500 books.

Fine Dining

At other communities residents want to go out for those special days, but when the Mother’s Day meal is Prime Rib and the Father’s Day meal is Steak, you’ll want to have the family meal here! Birthday? Our private dining room affords you the ability to have the whole family together. Many great food choices to be shared with outstanding neighbors; that is what dining at the Brentwood affords residents.

Like Breakfast? Brentwood boasts a wonderful hot breakfast buffet five days a week. Eggs, sausage, bacon, oatmeal, hash browns, pancakes, biscuits and gravy; it can all be found on the breakfast bar though out the week. Often you will find Brentwood residents lingering and chatting over coffee long after they have finished eating.

Community News and Events

Veteran’s Day celebration-Brentwood of Elkhart

Veterans Day is a day for honoring our nations bravest heroes. Many of those heroes have memories from war they will never forget. For some veterans like Carl Nabicht, Veterans Day is bittersweet. Nabicht served in the infantry during the Korean war. He says, “It gives me a chance to thank god that I was […]
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