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Emeritus at Cherry Hill

220 Conant Street
Danvers, MA 01923

About Our Community

We have promised ourselves that we shall always treat our residents as we would our own loved ones. Nothing less than our best will do.

This is the promise that the staff at Emeritus at Cherry Hill — and throughout Brookdale Senior Living communities — has shared since our community first opened its doors. It’s a simple promise to be compassionate and kind, understanding and respectful — a promise to become extended family to the seniors entrusted in our care and to our residents who have chosen our retirement community for its active lifestyle.

The Perfect Location

The North Shore is known for its quaint seaside towns and Danvers happens to be the next town over from Historic Salem, MA. Emeritus at Cherry Hill is directly off of Route 128 north and is nestled right next to the famous “Cherry Hill Creamery” and farm. We are also within five minutes away from major supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants and 20 minutes away from The North Shore Mall. Our residents love the scenic rides at Cherry Hill because of the beautiful landscaping and ocean views in this region.

A Wonderful Selection

When a resident or guest walks into Cherry Hill, the fireplace by the front door immediately invites them in and makes them feel at home. The décor and colors are warm and our dining room/living room areas are open and spaciously filled with comfortable couches and chairs. We offer senior apartment choices which include studios, one-bedrooms, and two- room suites- each one with a different style and feel. On every floor, there is a country kitchen equipped with tables and chairs, televisions, and full-sized refrigerators. We offer a continental breakfast in each country kitchen for late risers, or those who enjoy grabbing their coffee and muffin in their bathrobe instead of getting fully dressed to attend breakfast in the dining room.

Our Staff

Every staff member at Cherry Hill abides by Brookdale’s promise to its customers- “Our family is committed to yours.” The staff at Cherry Hill is truly a family, and we work together to exceed the expectations of every single person who walks through our front door. We are welcoming and friendly, and truly get to know each resident and their families on a personal level. Kelly, our Assistant Executive Director and Juan, our Maintenance Director have been at Cherry Hill for a combined 16 years, and a few of our wait staff and caregivers have been here since the community opened its doors 11 years ago.

Our Community Lifestyle

A Wonderful Active Lifestyle

Ellen keeps our residents busy each and every day as our Life Enrichment Director. She puts together a program of activities for our resident based on their interests and hobbies. Besides activities such as exercise, Bingo and word games, Ellen goes above and beyond by providing a refreshment social every single afternoon and plans for musical entertainment every week. Our managers also rotate and do a special “manager’s social” for days when Ellen isn’t working. If there is an interest in a particular activity, Ellen will make it happen. It is our goal to encourage residents to keep their minds and bodies active from morning until night. We are big believer’s in Brain Health here at Cherry Hill and that by keeping the mind active and engaged we can prolong the memory loss of our residents.

Partnering with the Local Neighborhood Community

At Cherry Hill most of our residents are from the immediate area. Because of this, we try to bring in local church groups, and encourage organizations nearby to come in and offer their services to our residents. Some examples are local elementary schools bringing in students for sing-a-longs and a local deacon to provide Catholic Mass for our residents. Because most of our residents are local, they find they usually know at least one person who also lives here who they knew from their past!

Strong, Caring Professional Relationships

Cherry Hill works with a wide variety of healthcare providers onsite, and has many great relationships with different rehabs and hospitals in the North Shore area. Excella Healthcare supplements for any skilled nursing our residents may need at the community, and they have their own physical therapy office on our 3rd floor. In conjunction with physical therapy they also provide occupational therapy and speech therapy. This allows many of our residents to have their rehab in the comfort of their own home. We also have a local physician (Dr. Amesbury) who is at our community every other week and he is currently accepting new patients. Onsite dental and podiatry is also offered at Cherry Hill. Cherry Hill has a wonderful relationship with North Shore Hospice. Not only do they provide comfort and care for our residents and families so that they can stay with Cherry Hill until the end of their life, but they provide complimentary support groups to our families and residents who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Fine Dining

Emeritus at Cherry Hill prides itself in providing three nutritious and delicious homemade meals a day. Ginny, our Dining Services Director works with a dietician to create a menu for our residents that is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. We always have choices for our residents, and if they do not like one of our main choices, they can always order off of our alternate menu which includes a wide variety of sandwiches or even an omelet. Ginny prepares all of the cakes for our resident Birthday celebrations herself, and she is always looking for feedback from our residents and families.