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Emeritus at Chestnut Hill

5055 Thompson Road
Columbus, OH 43230

About Our Community

We have promised ourselves that we shall always treat our residents as we would our own loved ones. Nothing less than our best will do.

This is the promise that the staff at Emeritus at Chestnut Hill – and throughout Brookdale Senior Living communities – has shared since 1988, when our community first opened its doors. It’s a simple promise to become extended family to the seniors entrusted in our care and to our residents who have chosen our retirement community for its active lifestyle.

The Perfect Location

Emeritus at Chestnut Hill is on 10 acres of wooded land surrounded by a walking path and residential neighborhoods. Close by are New Albany and Gahanna shops and business for the convenience of residents and their families. Emeritus at Chestnut Hill is one of the premier retirement communities in Ohio and it’s accessible to all the events and attractions available in Columbus Ohio. The community is close to Easton Town Center, Blendon Woods State park, and many shops and restaurants. It is also very close to New Albany, Gahanna, and Westerville so residents can participate in many local events and activities.

A Wonderful Selection

Emeritus at Chestnut Hill offers three senior apartment styles to meet your needs and preferences. There are two studio floor plans and a one bedroom style. All rooms have a kitchenette, private bathroom, and picture window. Residents can choose a favorite color to have the room painted and personalize the apartment as they wish.

As a one story retirement community we don’t have to worry about stairs and elevators. We have a unique floor plan of central common areas and a wellness center arrounded by residents’ apartments. Because of our floor plan we have plenty of space for gatherings, outdoor areas (patio, walking path, and courtyard) and various activities to be going on at the same time. Our spacious dining room allows residents to navigate easily. The private dining room with kitchen in available for families to use free of charge. Residents can enjoy all of these benefits without the worry of chores like laundry and housekeeping, or preparing meals.

Strong, Caring Professional Relationships

We have partnerships with area skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and home health agencies to help meet the needs of each resident. We have a medical director, podiatrist, and therapy services that work with residents on site as well as transportation services for any off site medical appointments.

Our Staff

Emeritus at Chestnut Hill is committed to hiring and retaining an excellent staff including nurses, residents’ assistants, dining staff, housekeepers, and other support and management staff. We are proud to have employees that have been with the community since the day the doors opened 16 years ago! We embrace the promise that “Our Family is Committed to Yours” in our work.

Our Community Lifestyle

A Wonderful Active Lifestyle

Our senior living community has a wide range of activities and outings for residents to enjoy. Activities programming is based on the interests and feedback of the residents and are planned to meet the social, physical, mental, spiritual, cultural, and creative needs of residents. Live entertainment, social and family gatherings, and outings are also part of what make meaningful days at Emeritus at Chestnut Hill.

Residents of our senior living community stay active through participating in activities offered every day and regularly scheduled outings and events. There are lunch outings and trips to local events, sporting events, and the zoo. Residents gather in the common areas to play pool, cards, and watch local sports teams on TV. The outdoor patio area is a popular spot for residents to relax and enjoy socializing.

Partnering with the Local Neighborhood Community

We work with local senior centers and community groups to participate in and host events. We host entertainment in the community for current residents and community members. We also participate in senior informational fairs, hold educational seminars, and support community events. We are a community voting site.

Emeritus at Chestnut Hill strives to stay active in the surrounding communities. We participate in local events, participate in the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk and senior informational fairs, hold educational seminars, and offer a Memory Care support group.

Fine Dining

Our menu includes three homemade meals each day. There are features each day as well as always available options. Dining staff serves drink choice, soup, salad, entree and dessert. Residents enjoy conversation as staff serves restaurant style. Beverages and snacks are available throughout the day and evening.