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Emeritus at Lake Pointe

45 Walnut Street
Hartwell, GA 30643

About Our Community

We have promised ourselves that we shall always treat our residents as we would our own loved ones. Nothing less than our best will do.

This is the promise that the staff at Emeritus at Lake Pointe—and throughout Brookdale Senior Living communities—has shared since our community first opened its doors. It’s a simple promise to be compassionate and kind, understanding and respectful—a promise to become extended family to the seniors entrusted in our care and to our residents who have chosen our memory care community for its active lifestyle.

The Perfect Location

Everyone who comes into the community comments on the warm, fuzzy feeling that they get when they walk in the front door. We are near various shopping malls, very close to a hospital and only 3 miles from Beautiful Lake Hartwell. Right off Highway 29 and about 18 miles from I-85 in Hartwell, GA Lake Pointe near many historical sites and areas. You can enjoy shopping and antiquing opportunities, great golf, boating, and fishing and food fixed just right. Here are just 2 of historical listings: Local Community Theater, and The Teasley – Holland House, located in Hartwell, is home to Hart County Historical Society and Museum. The Historic museum is a one story, Victorian style home built in 1880 by Isham Ashbury Teasley.

We have scheduled events when weather permits to our Hart State Park, Hartwell Lake, and Tugaloo State Park, Victoria Bryant State Park and shopping at our local stores. We also have seasonal festivals in Hartwell, GA. Including Dancing on Depot, Arts In Hartwell Festival, Antique Boat Show, Annual Lake Hartwell Dam Run, Spring Fever Regatta and many more.

A Wonderful Selection

Emeritus at Lake Pointe provides a home-like environment which is easily noticed because of our smaller community. With a smaller community, our staff is able to be more personable with the residents. Our residents are also able to make stronger friendships because our community is small and the residents are able to be closer together during activity or meal time.

Emeritus at Lake Pointe is a small community with 34 units which offers a home like setting. Every room has a personal bathroom and living area. We provide personal pendants for the residents to use in the event of an emergency but also as a hospitality convenience. For safety purposes, there are pull cords provided in the bathrooms that also act as emergency or assistance alerts.

Strong, Caring Professional Relationships

Emeritus at Lake Pointe is very well known in our small town. Most of the doctors in our area visit our community on a regular basis to either check on a resident or just to have lunch with us. We have an excellent relationship with the local hospitals and a working relationship with the nursing homes in our areas. If a resident of ours needs rehab or a stay in the hospital, we are right there with them; visiting them and following up on their care and needs. The local home health agencies and Hospice organizations work with us hand in hand to keep our residents and their families happy, healthy and comfortable.

Our Staff

What is the staffing at your community like? What is the longevity of employment with current staff? What do you say to potential residents about your staff? Our family is committed to yours. Many of our employees have been with us for over ten years. They know our residents, the residents’ families and each other. Our staff works well together and they depend on each other for communication about our residents and their needs.

Our Community Lifestyle

A Wonderful Active Lifestyle

Here at Emeritus at Lake Pointe we have a social a week, 3 spiritual events, cognitive and motivational activities along with special events such as Maintain Your Brain Event which is a 6 week course which focus on the 5 major brain functions, and our regular Holiday events etc. Snowball Dance, Senior Prom Dance, Annual Picnic on the Lake annual Easter Egg Hunt and much more.

Partnering with the Local Neighborhood Community

We do work with our local community churches, local civic groups we Sponsor our Local Chamber of Commerce Event annually. We participate in our Local pre 4th celebration our annual Hartwell Christmas Parade. We work close with Hart County High School Anchor Club in hosting our Annual Senior Prom. We also work close with a local Boutique in hosting our annual Gorgeous Grandma fashion Show. All of the above events benefit our resident’s by providing social, and generational interaction. By being out in the community since Hartwell is a retirement community let’s all our new comers know about us.

Fine Dining

Restaurant Style Dining is provided. Snacks Available 3 x a day with additional snack activities provide by our Dietary Supervisor who has been a member of our family since 2006.