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Emeritus at Latrobe

500 Brouwers Drive
Latrobe, PA 15650

About Our Community

We have promised ourselves that we shall always treat our residents as we would our own loved ones. Nothing less than our best will do.

This is the promise that the staff at Emeritus at Latrobe – and throughout Brookdale Senior Living communities – has shared since 1988, when our community first opened its doors. It’s a simple promise to be compassionate and kind, understanding and respectful – a promise to become extended family to the seniors entrusted in our care and to our residents who have chosen our retirement community for its active lifestyle.

The Perfect Location

Emeritus at Latrobe sits in the valley, surrounded by the beautiful Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania, farmlands and wildlife. The Pennsylvania Turnpike is easily accessible, and the quaint town of Ligonier, rich in history and culture, is a short ride on Rt. 30. We are also one mile from downtown Latrobe, and next to St. Vincent College, which is situated on a foothill of the Alleghenies.

Emeritus at Latrobe commands a panoramic view of the countryside. Yearly, the Pittsburgh Steelers spend weeks at training camp on the fields of St. Vincent College. Enjoy a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece house above the waterfall, 38 miles away. Plan a fun-filled day with family at Idelwild Amusement Park in Ligonier, PA. Don’t forget to attend our annual arts and craft festivals, where you will appreciate the exceptional visual arts, traditional crafts, educational activities and live performing artists to enlighten, entertain and enrich the community, while preserving and demonstrating Pennsylvania’s historical and living cultural heritage.

A Wonderful Selection

We pride ourselves in the hospitality and warmth we show to everyone who enters our community. We welcome everyone with a smile, and always want our residents and guests to feel at home. We are often complimented on our wonderful warm hospitality.

Emeritus at Latrobe offers four styles of accommodations, with six one-bedroom senior apartments, one two-bedroom apartment, and 75 private studios which can be occupied privately or semi-privately. The majority of our studios are 386 sq. ft. All our senior apartments have individual climate control and private bathrooms, and beautiful views of the countryside or courtyards.

Our senior living community is on one level, so all residents have easy access to our common areas. Our lovely outdoor courtyards are a wonderful location for our birdwatchers, while others enjoy a visit to our library to choose a perfect novel. You can have it all at Emeritus at Latrobe!

Strong, Caring Professional Relationships

We nurture and take pride in the strong relationships with our community health care providers. Communication is the key to our success. The relationships we build with our local providers are always growing as the needs of our residents change.

Our Staff

We attribute our success to the longevity of our staff. Our management team is comprised of multiple supervisors who have more than 10 years of service. The nursing staff has multiple dedicated employees who are working here since our building opened more than 22 years ago. We are extremely selective when hiring new team members. Our process ensures that our new staff member’s skills, knowledge and experience match those of our current caregivers who have, over many years, provided exceptional care to our residents.

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Our Community Lifestyle

A Wonderful Active Lifestyle

At Emeritus at Latrobe we understand the importance of socialization and stimulation to ensure quality of life. At our senior living community, we focus on what is important to our residents, and how we can enrich their lives through, exercise, spirituality, music or art. Whether it is a lunch outing, a van ride to see the beautiful foliage in the fall or a picnic, there is something for everyone. Our life enrichment director forms a bond with our residents and understands their needs, wants and desires.

Here at Emeritus at Latrobe we try to meet the total needs of our residents. Therefore, an active social life is very important. We offer an array of activities so that residents can pick and choose those that best fit their lifestyle. Away from campus, our van takes us out to lunch at local restaurants, shopping around town, visiting interesting sights or just for a “cruise.” At home we fill our days with crafts, clubs, pet therapy visits, a variety of games, demonstrations and live entertainment.

On a healthy note, time is spent with sit-down exercising and movement classes. To attend to our residents’ spiritual needs, we offer church services from several denominations. Of course, we never pass up the opportunity for a party, so be it a birthday or a holiday or “just for fun,” we gather for some treats, snack and a good time.

Because we cherish family here at Emeritus at Latrobe, we offer numerous opportunities for families to join us for a meal or a celebration. Whether it is a quiet conversation at mealtime, or a boisterous sing-a-long, there is a lot happening here at our community.

Partnering with the Local Neighborhood Community

The people and businesses in our neighboring communities are what make it possible for Emeritus at Latrobe to be successful for more than 22 years. This is why it is so important for us to give back to those who believe in what we do. Our community support is next to none, as we come together to support and reach out to those in need in our surrounding areas. Our senior living community hosts several events to support local organizations, charities and individuals throughout the year. Whether it is a blood drive, flu clinic, a volunteer banquet or a charitable event, our goal is always in the best interest of our resident and others.

Annually, we hold fundraisers that benefit sick children in our surrounding neighborhoods, and for the Alzheimer’s Association, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and The American Heart Association. Our Alzheimer’s support group meetings provide friends and families with a sense of understanding of the disease process. They are able to walk this journey with others dealing with this devastating disease.

Fine Dining

Our dining room has a home-like feel with restaurant-style service. Our servers are courteous and helpful, with many years of experience. As our experienced cooks incorporate love and care in everything they prepare, and we are most famous for our homemade soups. We have an extended substitution menu available, that offers a wide selection for you to customize a meal. We want everyone to fully enjoy their dining experience.