Brookdale Celebrates

In 2014 Brookdale’s senior living communities celebrate the 11th anniversary of this award winning signature resident program, “Brookdale Celebrates”! Each year we introduce an annual theme that speaks to the hearts and souls our associates, our residents and their families. This annual theme is broken into twelve monthly themes that allow everyone opportunities to experience all the places life can go. Rooted in the six dimensions of wellness we create engaging monthly programming and dining opportunities that bring our themes to life.

2014 Brookdale Celebrates: World Cuisines. Our primary focus will be on the rich social connections that are enhanced and shared through culinary traditions in cultures throughout the world. These events will consist mainly of a themed social gathering that will share these traditions through the sights, sounds and tastes of each monthly culinary journey.

Monthly Themes

We will travel around the globe to experience the rich flavors and unique culinary traditions that so vividly represent the heritage of their native countries.

January: Japanese
BSL_Celebrates_Jan 2In January we explore the flavorful tastes and traditions of Japan. This journey will touch many of our senses. Bold sights of architecture, the rich heritage of the delicate Geisha, and the scent of the cherry blossoms create a backdrop for our experience. The Japanese cuisine has as its staples rice, noodles, vegetables, and fish. Japan has a strong sense of connection with nature and what it provides. Meals are consumed using chopsticks, which for many outside of this culture can be an adventure of its own. The removal of shoes, sitting on the floor, and never filling one’s own glass are just a glimpse into the social customs and cuisine etiquette that make Japan so unique. Join us in January to experience the rich history and social connections of the Japanese cuisine!

February: Moroccan
BSL_Celebrates_FebIn the month of February we explore the history, traditions, and tastes known as the Moroccan Cuisine. Hospitality and food go hand-in-hand in Morocco where food is nothing less than a feast. For celebrations, such as weddings, Moroccans have an enormous feast at night. Multiple courses are served to guests, followed by fruit trays, pastries and tea. Presentation is just as important as the food itself. The main staples are mutton, couscous, vegetables, and dairy products, refined with exotic spices like saffron, ginger, cinnamon and cumin. The Moroccan main meal is enjoyed at midday. Family members come home from work and school, as businesses and schools close for a few hours in the middle of the day so the meal can be enjoyed together. It is common to eat with the fingers of one hand while using bread as a utensil with the other. Whether through the green tea and mint after each meal or ten minutes to pray throughout the day, this exciting and worldly experience opens our hearts and minds to what makes us different, but also what makes us the same. Join us in February to experience the color and hospitality of this kingdom as we taste the world of Moroccan cuisine!

March: Brazilian
BSL_Celebrates_BrazilIn the month of March we travel to South America for the exotic flare of the Brazilian Cuisine. Brazil is a feast for the senses with the colorful experience of Carnival and the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer overlooking the beautiful harbor of Rio de Janeiro. The Portuguese brought sugar, citrus fruits and many sweets. Cocoa and almost every kind of fruit including acai, mango, and papaya are mainstays, along rice, black beans, and manioc, a root vegetable like a potato. However, one of the more famous tastes include that of the barbecue skewered beef Churrasco. As the world’s largest producer of coffee, it’s not surprising that Brazilians use coffee in many unique ways – such as a Christmas day turkey basted with a rich dark coffee, cream and sugar. The traditional Brazilian way of eating is really about turning mealtimes into pleasant and enjoyable times with family and friends. Join us in March to experience the customs of this tropical world of wonders and taste the sweetness of the Brazilian cuisine!

More information will be provided for the remaining months’ themes as the year progresses. The themes for the rest of the year are:

  • April: Thai
  • May: Cuban
  • June: Italian
  • July: French
  • August: Greek
  • September: Indian
  • October: German
  • November: Polish
  • December: American