Financial Options

At Brookdale, we understand the challenges presented by the current economic environment, especially for those who are otherwise ready for senior living, but are uncertain how best to afford it.

Brookdale will help you make the move to the retirement lifestyle you want or need with generous programs and third-party senior living financial options that provide the financial flexibility you need to afford a great lifestyle, or to simplify your payment choices. Find a Brookdale community near you today and ask the Sales department for more information about these financial options.

Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides the Aid and Attendance Pension to eligible wartime veterans and their surviving spouses. This benefit can offset a significant portion of the long term care expenses in a Brookdale senior housing community. Depending on your situation, the benefit ranges from $1,094 to 2,019 per month and is tax free. Ask your Brookdale sales associate to introduce you to a provider that will discuss the VA’s eligibility criteria with you.

Ask your Brookdale sales associate to introduce you to a provider that will discuss the VA’s eligibility criteria with you. Learn more about the Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension

ElderLife Financial Services

ElderLife Financial provides a line of credit to families and seniors interested in senior housing financing. The services are designed specifically to help seniors move into the senior living community of their choice, or to supplement their move while waiting for the sale of a home or other benefits to kick-in. ElderLife offers low monthly payments for a quick and easy move.

Availability and terms may vary by state. For exact details please contact Elderlife directly.

Life Care Funding Group

Life Care Funding helps you to use any type of existing life insurance policy to pay for long term care or senior housing.  Funds are deposited into a Long Term Care Benefit Account that makes automatic monthly payments to the long term care provider of your choice.  The payment plan is flexible and can be adjusted as your needs change.  There are no fees, and once enrolled you are no longer responsible for premium payments. The process is quick with benefit payments starting in as little time as 30 days.  A Long Term Care Benefit Plan can be tax-advantaged and is both a Medicaid qualified spend-down and a VA qualified spend-down.

View the Benefit Plan Brochure here

Automatic Debit Program

Those who qualify can take advantage of Brookdale’s Automatic Debit Payment Plan, which enables you or your family to pay your apartment and service fees each month directly from your bank account. No paper bills to clutter your home; just one easy payment.

Shared Suites

For the budget conscious individual or for those who want companionship, Brookdale communities can help match you with a roommate to share living costs and apartment space in our communities.

Brookdale Home Sale Program

Brookdale offers a home sale program for those interested in using the equity in their home immediately to move into select Entry Fee-based Life Care communities. Contact the Sales Department at any of Brookdale’s Life Care communities to see if they participate in the Brookdale Home Sale Program

Housing Price Recovery Chart

With the decline of the real estate market, it may take many years for your home to return to its full market value of 2006, depending upon the severity of the decline in your area. The Housing Price Recovery Chart projects the time required for real estate prices to recover based upon an average appreciation of 5% per year.

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