What to Ask an Assisted Living Facility Concerning Alzheimer’s Care

Choosing a qualified Alzheimer’s and dementia care facility for your loved is a big responsibility. It is necessary to ensure that the facility, staff and services will meet all of your loved one’s unique and specialized needs. When researching an Alzheimer’s care facility, keep a few of these questions in mind.


The overall care of your loved one ultimately falls in the hands of the staff members and doctors. In addition to researching their education and experience backgrounds, you want to make sure that each employee is dedicated and compassionate. A few helpful questions to guide you in your search include:

  • How many of your daily care providers are licensed nurse practitioners?
  • How many Registered Nurses are on staff each day?
  • What is the ratio between the staff and Alzheimer’s and dementia care patients?
  • How is your staff instructed to handle behavioral problems? Do they take a team-task oriented approach?



Equally as important as the quality of staff members, you want to ensure that the Alzheimer’s and dementia care facility will be a nurturing, supportive and protective environment. When you tour the facility, take note of the condition of the building. Is it clean and odor free? Are the floors nonslip? Does the overall décor promote a warm and friendly setting? In addition to these observations, you may also want to consider asking a few of these questions:

  • What amenities are included? Does the Alzheimer’s care facility have a dining room, activity center, and personal care room? Are there any extras, like a library or movie theatre?
  • How do you ensure physical safety? Is there a fire alarm procedure? How do your secure the facility.
  • Are there indoor and outdoor recreation areas? How are these areas monitored?
  • How are the rooms furnished? Does the facility provide furnishings?



You also will want to make sure that you place your loved one in the hands of a qualified Alzheimer’s care provider. Not every long-term care or assisted living facility is equipped to handle the specific needs of dementia patients. A certified and qualified facility will have a program that specializes in this type of unique care. The program should be individualized, tailoring services to match the needs of every patient. In addition to programming question, other questions you may want to consider are:

  • What types of dining services are offered?
  • Do you provide specialized diets?
  • How does the staff encourage social interaction?
  • What are your policies on physical activity?
  • What types of social activities do you offer?
  • Are resident encouraged to participate and join in social interaction?


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