Assisted Living Assistance for Veterans

Veteran-assistance-photo-smallGovernment Assistance for Veteran’s Assisted Living Costs

The thought of paying for assisted living can be overwhelming. While these facilities do provide quality care and services for people who need them, the expense can sometimes leave seniors and their families looking for a little extra financial help.

For veterans, there are a few government assistance options designed for just such a purpose. Through the government funded Aid and Attendance pension benefit, veterans can qualify for economic assistance. Designed to help aging veterans and their spouses, this program can offset many of the major assisted living expenses.


The Aid and Attendance benefit is not very well publicized, meaning that many veterans are simply not aware that it exists. To qualify, veterans must actively seek and apply for this specific pension benefit. In addition, there are a few restrictions that may prevent some veterans from qualifying.

Those veterans who do qualify may be eligible to receive up to two thousand dollars of government assistance a month. This funding can be applied to cover their assisted living costs.

Funding is not limited to the veteran, if the veteran’s spouse requires assisted living accommodations, they may qualify as well. Depending on the expenses associated with a specific assisted living facility, this tax-free benefit may cover all of the potential costs.

Some qualification limitations include:

Military Service: To qualify for the aid and attendance benefit, veterans are required to have served ninety consecutive days. At least one of these days is required to have been during active duty.

Asset and Income Limitations: The aid and attendance benefit is only available to veterans who fall under a minimum income requirement. All of the veteran’s assets are taken into consideration. There are some exemptions. For instance, the veteran’s house and car are excluded from being considered assets.

Need: The veteran or spouse asking for aid must prove that they require assistance. For instance, veterans moving into an assisted living community must be able to prove that they require assistance with the completion of some daily tasks. This proof must be accompanied by notes from a doctor and the assisted living facility in question.

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