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Senior Housing Options Explained


Written by Agingcare.com Deciding to move to a senior retirement community is a big decision. It can be an exciting time, but it can also cause some confusion when it comes to choosing which type of community is best for you or your loved one. People have different needs. Living options are not “one size [...]
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What Does It Mean to “Age In Place?”


Written by Agingcare.com “Aging in place” is growing older without having to move. For example, seniors who are living in an Independent Retirement Community or Assisted Living facilities do not want to be moved to another facility when their health declines and their care needs increase. They want to stay in a familiar environment, surrounded by friends [...]
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Simple Meals to Cook in Independent Living


Feel that little rumbling in your stomach? In your retirement living years, you have the time to truly explore your passions, especially cooking. Exploring new flavors, ingredients and styles is just part of what can make cooking a great pastime for retirees. Looking for something new to cook up this week? Consider one of these [...]
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Emotions and Moving into a Senior Living Community


Written by Agingcare.com Our home is our castle – a shelter from the storm. When the time comes to leave that home, it can be an emotional experience. Sometimes in life, we must watch as an elderly relative leaves their home to move to a senior community. For example, Dad’s gone and Mom can’t handle [...]
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Downsizing, How to Pack Up Your Home

senior moving

Written by Agingcare.com If your loved one has lived in the same home for many years, the amount of possessions that have been acquired over the years can be shocking. To a caregiver, what looks like piles of clutter represents a lifetime of memories for the elder. Working through emotional side of moving is a major [...]
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Choosing the Right CCRC


Written by Agingcare.com A Continuing Care Retirement Community (often called a CCRC) is a great place for older adults to take comfort in knowing they have various lifestyle and care options that are designed to ensure their peace of mind today and tomorrow. CCRCs provide a place where seniors can live, socialize and receive they [...]
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Seniors and the Single Life: Embrace Retirement Living


While for some, the thought of being single is the worst thing imaginable, for others, being single opens up a world of new possibilities. The opportunities that being single can present are only worthwhile if you embrace being alone. For people that have been married for most of their adult life, transitioning to independence can [...]
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Decorating Your Independent Living Apartment


So, you’ve finally made the positive decision to move into a retirement living community. This new experience can offer you the chance to downsize your responsibilities and downsize your excess baggage. Sometimes, lightening your load can free you up to engage in new, worthwhile and rewarding experiences. Moving from a home to an independent living [...]
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Considering Independent Living

Independent Living

There comes a time when you have to make challenging decisions for your loved one. Despite their protests, you know that a retirement living community can offer them an enhanced quality of life. Seniors often fear that moving into retirement living will take away some of the freedoms they have in their own home. If [...]
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Levels of Care Offered at an Independent Living Facility

levels of care by Brookdale

For seniors who are active and want to maintain an independent lifestyle, independent living facilities are a good option. While some of these facilities may not provide medical support services, many independent living communities provide an array of social activities and other support services. Type of Care to Expect It is important to note that not [...]
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