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Emeritus at Newell Creek

7900 Center Street
Mentor, OH 44060
Reach this community directly:
This community offers:
  • Memory Care
  • Assisted Living

About Our Community

Emeritus at Newell Creek is a brand new senior residential community. This newly constructed community has been specifically designed and built for seniors whose needs range from assisted living to memory care.

The Perfect Location

Emeritus at Newell Creek is located in beautiful community of Mentor, Ohio, just 20 miles northeast of Cleveland on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie. It is conveniently located near I-90, offering easy access to Cleveland and points beyond. With more than 1,200 acres of parks, Mentor offers everything from pools and water spray parks, playgrounds and award-winning ball fields to the 450-acre Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve. With its prime location on Lake Erie, it also offers a variety of recreational water activities. There are seven health care facilities within two miles of the community and it is a short distance to Cleveland, offering all the cultural and entertainment events for people of all ages and interests.

A Wonderful Place to Live

We offer a variety of beautiful living spaces, from studios to two-bedroom apartments. Additionally, we provide plenty of common space including a living room, library and spacious dining room providing our residents numerous options for visiting, relaxing, celebrating an event, engaging in a group activity or enjoying a good book. Emeritus at Newell Creek also provides a concierge who can handle our residents’ special requests. We offer the option of extended care including our innovative memory care program, Join Their Journey.® This means that our residents can have a constant community of friends and staff even though other aspects of their lives and health-care needs may be changing. Meals are served in our lovely dining room. Our atmosphere is elegant, yet warm and cozy providing the perfect place for you or your loved one to call home.

Our Staff

We hire the people you would hire. If you were going to hire one person to care for your family member, you would look for the person who would provide the best possible care but who would also provide respect and friendship. We feel the same way. We seek to hire only those individuals who are passionate about senior care as their occupation. Emeritus at Newell Creek is fortunate to have a staff of dedicated professionals who are committed to making a positive difference for the seniors we serve. We truly live our promise of “Our Family Is Committed To Yours.”

Our Community Lifestyle

A Wonderful, Active Lifestyle

Something fun is always going on at Emeritus at Newell Creek. As we age, we don’t lose our taste for good food, social interaction or interesting experiences. After all, these are the things that make us who we are and keep life vibrant and exciting. Emeritus at Newell Creek has its own Life Enrichment Director whose only job is to find new social, recreational and cultural activities for our residents. Resident life stories are gathered and explored to help our Life Enrichment Director understand each resident’s interests and hobbies as a basis for choosing activities, So whether it’s Senior Prom, A Night In Paris, Italian Festival or Tropical Nights, our events bring our entire community together with food and fun. We also offer transportation numerous times every week to enjoy attractions and events in the Franklin community or exciting Cleveland.

Fine Dining

Emeritus at Newell Creek has an experienced Dining Services Director on staff who prepares three delicious and nutritious homemade meals every day including multiple menu choices for every lunch and dinner. Meals are served on china in a restaurant-style atmosphere so that residents can enjoy conversation with the company at their table while enjoying an exceptional culinary experience. Our community offers the perfect combination of sensational food and good companionship for every dining experience. We also love to carry on our residents’ family traditions. Special occasions, private birthday parties and anniversary parties are always welcome in our private dining room.