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Hillside Campus

300 NW Hillside Parkway
Mcminnville, OR 97128
This community offers:
  • Memory Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Independent Living
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Continuing Care Retirement Community

About Our Community

McMinnville Retirement Communities

A lifetime of fun, adventure and care awaits our residents at Hillside Retirement Community which is Oregon’s premier Continued Care Retirement Community. The best in carefree retirement living is set is on 57 well-manicured acres featuring a wellness center, library, activity rooms, a country store, dedicated life enrichment and wellness staff and more. Enjoy a stroll on the walking paths that ribbon the grounds or a take a dip in the heated outdoor pool. Let our professional chefs entertain your taste buds in one of our full-service fine dining restaurants. And master gardeners can keep their green thumbs in shape at our community garden. Of course, those of us who have gladly retired our clippers and rakes are free to leave the landscaping to the professionals.

The charming, bucolic town of McMinnville is waiting for your exploration. Tour the legendary Spruce Goose at the Evergreen Aviation Museum or sip and sample Yamhill’s wine-making prowess at the annual International Pinot Noir Celebration. For those with a yen for explorations further afield, Hillside is only 35 miles from Portland and just 45 from the scenic Oregon Coast. This is all part of a retirement like it was meant to be lived.

Choose from spacious two and three bedroom townhomes, one-, two- and three-bedroom garden cottages or large studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments all with a generous selection of floor plans and kitchen styles. And to service your changing health needs, we offer top-caliber assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing 24 hours a day.

Active Community Relationships

At Hillside, giving back to our local community is one of the most important things that we can do. Our residents volunteer an average of 20,000 hours a year throughout the community. Whether we are volunteering at the local senior center, raising funds for the local veterans programs or reading to the local children in the SMART program, we are grateful for the opportunity to support the community of McMinnville.

The “Community Giveback Program” involves working with the McMinnville Senior Center to help raise funds so that services at risk of state budget cuts continue to be provided to local area seniors. For example, last year Hillside hosted a Speakeasy Murder Mystery Dinner where all proceeds went directly to the McMinnville Senior Center.

Our other goal is to host events that add quality, information and value to the lives of others. Hillside offers monthly on-site caregiver and Alzheimer’s support groups. We also offer fun and interesting educational programs such as our Financial Options or Brain Health Lifestyle seminar.

Here are some great websites that will tell you more about the benefits of living in beautiful McMinnville, Oregon. The Chamber of Commerce is at http://www.mcminnville.org/, McMinnville Downtown Association is at http://www.downtownmcminnville.com, the Willamette Valley Medical Center is at http://www.wvmcweb.com/, the Evergreen Aviation Museum is at http://www.evergreenmuseum.org/, Oregon Wine Country is at http://www.oregonwine.org/Home/ and Linfield College is at http://www.linfield.edu/

Our Community Lifestyle

Why Choose a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

Simply put, CCRCs give you the freedom of choice to live the way you want, to get everything out of retirement you’ve always dreamed of and to have the flexibility to change when life changes. A Continuing Care Retirement Community is a home that continually adjusts to your ever-evolving life. It grows with you and it changes to meet your needs and lifestyle. It’s living in one place and allowing you to make life what you want, where you want.

Living at Hillside means access to many levels of health care all in one location that are literally steps from your door.

For residents with no immediate health needs, we simply offer the opportunity to live life with the same vigor as always.

For people who need a little extra help with everyday activities, Assisted Living apartments are a great option.

There are dedicated Memory Care apartments to serve residents with Alzheimer’s and other memory impairments. There is also a skilled nursing facility to provide the highest level of care to residents who need it most.

How it works

First, you pay a set Entrance Fee based on your living choices and financial planning needs which may be partially refundable should you choose to leave the community. Then, a Monthly Service Fee is calculated to reflect your home and your care needs. For instance, the fee will be higher for a two-bedroom cottage than for a studio apartment and a resident requiring Assisted Living may have a higher Monthly Fee than one needing no assistance. Of course, if your care needs change, the monthly fee is adjusted accordingly. It all means you get the perfect living environment and care level for every stage of your life.

Hillside residents choose the entrance fee that best fits their needs

  • A 90% Refundable Entrance Fee – With this plan you will pay a higher Entrance Fee when you first move to Hillside but if you leave the community, you, your estate or your heirs will receive a refund.
  • The 60-Month Amortization Entrance Fee – Your Entrance Fee will be lower than if you select a 90% Refundable Plan but if you leave the community after 60 months no money will be returned to you, your estate or your heirs.
  • The Membership Entrance Fee – Your Entrance Fee will be lower but no money will be returned to you.

And perhaps most important, living at Hillside may actually save money on health care services because when you move, you will:

  • Receive on-campus health care services (i.e., Skilled Nursing Care) at below-market rates.
  • Receive a certain number of “no charge” days of Skilled Nursing Services in the Health Care Center each year. If you ever need temporary nursing services, as long as you retain your Independent or Assisted Living apartment, the only additional fees you’ll be charged during your “no charge” days relate to the cost of additional meals, medical supplies, doctor’s fees and pharmaceuticals.
  • Potentially save on your taxes as the IRS may recognize a percentage of both the Entrance Fee and the Monthly Service Fee as a prepaid medical expense deduction. A portion of the Entrance Fee may be deductible for the year you move to Hillside and a portion of the Monthly Service Fee may be deductible each year, providing you with an annual medical deduction. Please contact a tax advisor about your specific situation.