Juliet Holt Klinger

Juliet’s desire to improve life for those with dementia and their families began in high school, when she volunteered at a skilled nursing center in her Iowa hometown and felt drawn to seniors with dementia. A gerontologist, she has dedicated her three-decade career to this mission, serving as Brookdale’s senior director of dementia care program development since 2006. Juliet, who has had family members with dementia, participates on expert committees of the Dementia Action Alliance, Pioneer Network for culture change in long-term care, and Argentum, the senior living professional association. She is a sought after speaker for national conferences and health care meetings. Juliet lives in Chicago with her husband Christian and four-legged “daughter” Ruby.

Men are Caregivers Too

Category: Health & Wellness September 26, 2016

When we think of a caregiver for someone with dementia, a picture of a woman normally comes to mind for most of us. After all, approximately two-thirds of caregivers are ... Read more

Explaining Dementia to Children

Category: Health & Wellness September 12, 2016

There was recently this article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune about an unlikely connection between children and elders living with dementia reaping huge rewards for all involve When we talk ... Read more

Juliet Holt Klinger: Alzheimer's Blog

Category: Health & Wellness August 21, 2016

When people discover what I do for a living, they often tell me about a family member who is living with or has died from Alzheimer’s. Then comes the question ... Read more

Studies Show Ways to Reduce the Likelihood of Developing Alzheimer's

Category: Health & Wellness August 03, 2016

Last week was a rich one for Alzheimer’s and dementia news as the Alzheimer’s Association’s 2016 International Conference (AAIC) was held in Toronto. Those of us who highlight the latest ... Read more

Caring For Mothers With Alzheimer's and Dementia

Category: Health & Wellness May 06, 2016

Mother’s Day is upon us again. I admit I have not been a fan for many years. My Mother passed away when I was 27-years-old and I have spent the ... Read more

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