At Brookdale, we’re working to lead the way in senior innovation by building relationships with technology companies to leverage life enriching technology for our residents and associates to create the best possible experience when living or working with us. Follow our Twitter Chats using #SeniorTechChat to learn how industry leaders and technology innovators are helping to integrate technology into our daily lives. 

Upcoming Twitter Chats:
Innovative Technology for Seniors 
June 13th, 2018 at 12:00 pm CST   

During our upcoming Twitter Chat, we’ll discuss how new technology is disrupting the healthcare industry and how different companies are inspired to innovate for and with seniors. Learn more about what it takes to understand this critical demographic and why seniors are an essential part of the development process. We’re excited to engage in a conversation with Medisafe, Mentia, and Steadiwear for this month's chat.

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