Animal Surprises

Being a city girl, I’ve had little interaction with animals. Therefore, I am more likely to make a fuss when four-legged creatures enter my world.

In the middle of a snowy night, when sleep would not come, I wandered into the sunroom whose windows face a wooded area. I was startled to see that just outside, close enough to touch, was a family of deer. They were munching on the greenery that grew just under the window. I looked into the big eyes of a mother and her two children. They looked back at me. I did not move. They were still for a heartbeat and then bolted, but not far. They stood in the snow watching. The snow, the moonlight, and the deer family made a beautiful picture. I went for my camera, but it was too late. That scene is frozen in time in my head.

Other events are amusing; Like the time my husband encountered a skunk in the Have-a-Heart trap set for the groundhog residing under our deck. Covered in a suit made of plastic trash bags and duct tape, he slowly opened the trap. The skunk exited, turned to look over its shoulder, and haughtily walked away. What a close call!

Then there was the tropical turtle that my daughter decided to leave in the backyard for some fresh air in August. It escaped from its luxury home. The search was futile. We had a lot of snow the following winter. You’ve probably guessed what happened. In May, the turtle slowly walked out from beneath some ivy, none the worse for wear.

The next, and last one, is a real head scratcher. While I was sitting in my livingroom, minding my own business, reading a book, there was a sudden whooshing noise and then a ‘plop.’ Standing before me, with arched back and hair on end, was a screeching cat. A cat had fallen out of the ceiling. I will repeat that statement. “A Cat Fell Out of My Ceiling!” sounds like the title of a Dr. Seuss book. I ran around the cat and opened the front door. Cat exited at high speed.

It took quite a bit of detective work to figure out what happened. Our house was in the middle of a row of what is now called town houses. The house next door was undergoing renovation. A hole had been broken through the adjoining brick wall. The hole was at ceiling height in my house. However, ceiling height is deceptive. The real ceiling was about 16 feet up and we had a dropped ceiling at 12 feet. So, the cat came through the hole from next door into the space between the ‘real’ ceiling and the dropped ceiling. Its weight was sufficient to push the tile out of place and, voila! — A cat fell out of my ceiling.

Cheers to my four legged friends.

Betty Ago

Betty is a real person who resides in one of our Brookdale entry fee communities. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Brookdale Senior Living.


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