Bernie Block: The Travelerrrrr

Hello…I am an earthy element.
I’ve been around the world, traveling.
I’ve been many places, and am still going all over the world. Let me explain.
I was born many years ago and have a lot of cousins to visit. My parents may have been brought here by my grandparents. I’m not sure; however, it’s not important.
I’m here to stay.
I’m occupationally employed all the time. And I do get to travel a great deal just like I told you.
I’ve been to mountain tops. I’ve been to valleys. I’ve been to the oceans. I’ve been all over the earth, in various modes.
You, my dear reader, you always need me when you travel.
I’m occupationally employed all the time and don’t need to collect unemployment insurance.
At times you can’t find me. But you need me as your most important friend.
Sometimes I hide in different disguises. Sometimes I’m around and you don’t want me.
I don’t feel neglected in that case, just a little embarrassed that you try to get rid of me and send me other places.
I know you really don’t mean it, but such is life.
I’ve been known to transfer my image so that people can love me, or hate me.
I have many ways to travel…on the ground, in the ocean, in the air. You name it. I’m probably involved.
At times I can annoy you. At times you love me!
I mix well with a lot of things, and some things I can’t although I try real hard.
I do leave an impression wherever I go on land.
I’ve been called a destroyer. I’ve been called a healer.
Besides humans loving me, other species and things do too!
I’ve been used to doing a lot of things. But, hey, that’s what I’m occupied with and keeps me employed all of the time.
I’ve been known to disappear and when I do everybody hates me. When I come back, they heartily embrace me. That’s the kind of personality I have.
I have outstanding qualities. They can be measured, examined, identified…and you know, all the good ones. I do have some very bad ones when I get angry and you have them too.
I’ve been known to go on long trips for years, centuries, millenniums. When I return, I’m welcomed with open arms. That gives me a nice feeling.
I can change my looks whenever the weather permits it. You always find me no matter what I do.
It’s great to feel “loved.” I have been “unloved” as well.
Unfortunately there is nothing that either you or I can do about it.
My parents, grandparents, great grandparents love to talk about me all the time. Sometimes they show pictures, too.
My name, in case you haven’t figured it out is….

From SENIOR-NEWS-WATCH.COM, my website on the Internet:
Could Tea Cut Your Stroke Risks? Some kinds can actually be harmful at certain dosages. A worldwide survey of over 500,000 showed there was a 13% lower risk of strokes among tea drinkers–, by Dr. Heidi Moawad
Humor One-Liners: I’m good on a trip for at least an hour without my aspirin, antacid…
Hello there. My name is H2O, famously known as Water!
I’ll be running along since some of my cousins are looking for me, including: aqueducts, aquifers, artesian wells, bedrock, condensation, drainage basins, erosion, evaporation, floods, fresh water, geysers, glaciers, ground water, headwaters, hydroelectric dams, hurricanes, icebergs, mining water, oceans, portables, rain reservoirs, turnoffs, saline water, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, snow, springs, streams, tornadoes, tributaries, watersheds, weather. wells.
See ya around.


Bernie is a real person who resides in one of our Brookdale communities. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Brookdale Senior Living.

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