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Gypsies do it. Magicians do it occasionally. A 'Ouija' (sounds like Weegie) Board attempts it. However, there is one "science" that does it from the day you are born! It's called "biorhythms." And its predictions have been proven to work!

The name is derived from the Greek words 'bios' (life) and 'rhythms,' (a regular or measured motion); it reflects the apparent ebb and flow of life's energy.

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There are many rhythms: a physical cycle lasts 23 days long; an emotional cycle of 28 days; and a 33-day long intellectual one. On a graph they would appear as graceful curves similar to a sine wave found in information about electricity and the way currents behaved. The sine wave was like an "S' lying horizontally and upside on its side like this "N". 

Each cycle begins when a person is born and follows the cycle it represents until the end of one's life.

There is a center horizontal line running through it like this ---N---. When the cycle is high there is energy to spare. On a physical high, we tend to be energetic, strong, full of vitality. On an emotional high, we are creative, artistic, aware and cheerful. On an intellectual high, we are able to think quickly and logically, and to solve complex problems.

Those highs come to the extreme point on the sixth day of these cycles where all reach the epitome of the sine wave. However, biorhythms don't predict what will happen directly. All they do is to tell us our tendency to behave in certain ways at certain times. If we are informed about the tendency, we can usually overcome it by awareness and will power. It was a Swiss-born businessman, George Thomnen, who brought the European science of biorhythms to the attention of the American public. He first heard of this theory while visiting his native Switzerland in the middle of the 20th century after a catastrophic head-on train wreck in which a friend of his, Han Fruch, did biorhythm graphs for the engineers and firemen on both trains, discovering that three of them were on their critical days and one on a triple low day.

Critical days are those when any of the curves cross the center or zero line, it is when our systems seem to be in flux or transition and hence unstable. Critical days are when things most likely to go wrong and people are more likely to get sick, seem to lack coordination and are therefore more accident-prone.

Scientists are still arguing over this theory. There are some that dismiss it out of hand. There are others who have proved that these life cycles can influence people with their predictive lifestyle situations.

Mr. Thomnen paid little attention to Fruch's, and others who have proved that these lifecycles can influence people. An almost identical head-on train collision later on in Pennsylvania started him wondering about the theory. He did an analysis and found out that the engineer and fireman on one train and an engineer on the other train had biorhythm charts that were extremely low on a double-critical day. He became a believer and went on to write "Is This Your Day?" that was the largest selling book in English on the subject.

It has been reported that many surgeons will perform no operations on their own critical days. Even marriage counselors are using biorhythm charts to help couples see why they get on each other's nerves and fight on certain days, with couples learning to make an extra effort to compensate for their mate's low or critical days.

The evidence on biorhythms is not all in. Clearly they are not fate, fortune-telling or predestination performers, being at most only one of the many factors which determine how we act; they are also fascinating and more than a little persuasive. As one psychologist has said, "Biorhythms are a small but significant piece of a complex puzzle of human behavior."

After I read about this biorhythm predictor, my wife and I were planning to fly to Europe on one of those large jumbo jets. For the fun of it, I did a biorhythm chart for the both of us. Guess what? Our critical days came on the same day that our booked flight took off. We cancelled, just to protect us, and guess what? On the day we cancelled there was a major airline accident in the air between a DHL Cargo Jet and Boeing 757 collided, killing all crew and passengers. Prediction? Superstition?

Have you taken your Biorhythm chart yet to find your critical days? Don't you think you should?

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Ancient Secrets for Creating a Happy Life...Feeling good is a part of happiness. Aristotle's concept, called 'Eudaimonia" offered a recipe for it: Character strengths & Virtues. He also taught his students to use--Patience, Courage, Temperance, Friendship.


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