Jordan and Jonathan

My name is Bill.

My grandson, Jonathan, just got married in a small wedding with many friends present, and very little of my family members attending.

Jonathan and his "wife" Jordan met at the University of Virginia when they were both taking the same economics class; they clicked on the very first day of the class. After spending three more years at the University and their graduation, they moved into a small apartment when they started working in their chosen professions.

They had a wonderful life before their marriage, and after this wedding, as well. One thing I remember from the "wedding" was when one of the grandparents got up to say a few remarks, ending them by reading a passage from the 1984 Reader's Digest..."Remember, when you get married you are really marrying three people---the person they were, the person they are now, and the person they become after getting married."   It was so true. They had a terrific marriage, and they became a wonderful couple. 

However, one thing was missing. They could not have children. This eventually was solved when Johnathan and his "wife" adopted a pair of twins who are now three years old; it was the best thing that could possibly have happened in their young married life.

It was not easy to obtain adopted children. They finally had all the necessary paperwork okayed from various state agencies, but it took up to eleven hysterical months to complete the process.

Jonathan and Jordan immediately started saving up enough money to send the twins to the college of their choice at the same time You are talking about at least a couple of hundred thousand dollars for the so-called "good" colleges over four years. And, you could never tell the costs could be more if any one of the twins decided to extend their education (and it could be two), and went on to post graduate work!

They also became involved with my personal adviser on how to pass on their wealth to these children, as well as to each other.

Once we had a long talk one evening with them; they talk me later during this conversation on how they thought about their life in general, especially since one was Jewish and one was Catholic They worked this religious problem out when they decided that they would let the twins choose what they wanted to do, even accepting the fact that they may pick neither of the religions of their parents. They reached this conclusion when one of them discovered a reference book in the Library called "Guide to the Gods" which detailed the 20,000 gods from thousands of years ago before the current crop. So there were plenty of gods around to pick from.

Politically, Johnathan and Jordan felt the same way. They would not try to influence the twins but would let them think for themselves concerning politicians who would promise too much without offering any details to solve problems that existed in their country. They also decided to not voice their own opinions about gays, lesbians and transvestites or any other sexual differences. They reiterated that the twins would have to make up their own minds and evaluate the ways of the world on any subject.

To this day, Johnathan and Jordan are still in love and have a busy life together, and probably will for the rest of their lives since they are involved in many causes.

When they reach their 50th anniversary they still plan to celebrate this high point as man and "wife" even though you might think they were two men who had married.

Sorry, folks, Johnathan's "wife" is a wonderful female even though her name happens to be Jordan, a male-like one that could be used for either sex.  As a famous saying that has been passed on many generations states..."Don't judge a book by its cover." Same goes for names, too!



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