Question:  “What if I want to play cards or do another activity and there isn’t room in the group?”

I will address the question itself a bit later.  However, sometimes a simple question really represents something deeper. Moving to a CCRC is not just simply changing addresses. It is a big change in life style and it is normal for anyone to feel anxiety.  We are all different people with different backgrounds, and (forgive the pun) we have all been dealt different cards in the game of life.  However, everyone here has experienced the transition to our community and knows about the anxiety involved.  It is similar to any new experience: First year in college, first time away at summer camp, first job, first sleepover, etc. If you had no anxiety at all, that would be unusual.  

OK, on to the activities.  I don’t play cards, although it is very popular. So I asked a good friend to answer you. 

“There is always room for Mah Jongg----in fact we are looking for new players ---and are willing to teach. ----New bridge players are always welcome ----there is both duplicate and social bridge ------I think the best answer is ‘there is always room for one more, the more the merrier’-----I think that is one of the pluses here----there are so many different activities offered .“  

With that answer in mind, I started counting games among the activities from the monthly calendar. 

Please feel free to sing along.*


On the First day of the Month, Activities sent to me: 

A Big Bingo Bash in the auditorium.

On the Second day of the Month, Activities sent to me:

Two kinds of Bridge - Duplicate and Social 

and one game of Canasta in the card room

On the Third day of the Month, Activities sent to me:

Three Dart lessons,   

Two Ping Pong Tournaments

and one Bocce game under a Tree.

On the Fourth day of the Month, Activities sent to me:

Four games of Mexican Train Dominoes,

Three games of Chess,

Two Poker challenges

and one Golf experience on the putting green.

On the Fifth day of the Month, Activities sent to me:

Five rounds of Pinochle, 

Four sessions of Hand & Foot, 

Three contests of Billiards, 

Two experiences of Mah Jongg

and one Wii instruction in the game room.


On the other days of the month, Activities will bring to you: 

Exercise classes, French lessons, Craft instructions, 

Photo Club, Book Club, Greenhouse group, 

Others I can’t remember, and best of all, 

Any game you want to organize.


*The earliest known version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas", was part of a 1780 children's book, Mirth without Mischief.



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