Cubs Baseball Traditions

I live in Chicago and have been a Cubs fan all my life. It’s a generational thing – passed on to me by my dad and brothers, and right on down to my kids and grandkids. This is quite common among Cub fans. But there is no one alive who can remember the Cubs winning a World Series – because the last time it happened was 1908 – that’s108 years ago for those of us who are counting. 

For some lifelong Cubs fans the wait has been very long. I read about a 102 year old woman who is hoping to attend a World Series game. She went to her first Cubs game in 1924 when she was 10 years old. And there is Dorothy who is 90; she has been sitting in the front row for every home game at Wrigley Field for 30 years. I also read about a 97 year old fan who attended the World Series in 1945 – which the Cubs played in but did not win. His family is raising money through crowd funding to get him a ticket to one of the World Series home games. I hope they all make it to a game. 

The “W” flags are flying all over Chicagoland. On the evening that the Cubs won the National League Championship there was a full house inside Wrigley Field and hundreds of thousands of fans congregating outside. Those of us who were watching on TV danced and squealed and set off fireworks in our neighborhoods. For Cubs fans this is the very definition of pure joy.  We are going to the World Series – and we think this is our year! 

There is something about the home team winning that creates a wonderful sense of community. All of the people celebrating together are strangers, but for this have a common bond. For families there are memories to share like the way the legendary announcers of the past – Harry Cary and Jack Brickhouse – announced home runs. And the lifelong Cubs players we all came to love like Ernie Banks and Billy Williams. And the times we went to the games together or watched them on TV. To this day the sound of a baseball game feels like home to me. When my daughter was little she called the National Anthem “that baseball song” because she heard it so often at the games. Baseball is family, tradition, pure fun and joy, and for us long suffering Cubs fans – character-building. 

Of course, there is celebrating happening in Cleveland too for their Indians – and I say congratulations to them for winning the American League Championship. We will have some friendly competition this week with residents in both cities. May the best team WIN! Play Ball!

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