An Autobiography (Part 5): Interesting Things I Remember From My Life

(Chronologically in Order of Occurrence)


BORN: Halloween Eve, October 31, 1924


At age seven I entered the hospital and had my appendix removed. Received my first stuffed dog (named Teddy--very important!).


Served as a guide working for my Uncle who was involved with the Atlantic City Steel Pier. It was my job to escort visiting movie stars and entertainers to the "right beach" to enjoy the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It was my first incidence of discrimination, which at that young age meant little to me.


Jamaica High School, Jamaica, N.Y....I was enrolled in a dramatics class, and remember playing a "tomato" at the New York World's Fair of 1939 on an open stage. In another incident with drama, our class went into NYC to experience "feelings” in a small room--Flashed red light made me warm, while blue light made me feel cold....During this time period I made the magnificent amount of 10 cents per hour for stuffing the Sunday NY Times together with all its separate sections.


University of Chicago, Navy Radioman Training School. While there our group learned that right next door to our campus they were working on the atom bomb that solved why there were so many guards around that part of the U of Chicago. It gave us some chills, especially after the first atomic bomb was announced by Harry Truman, our president at that time.


While at the Bowling Green State University (Near Toledo, OH) V-12 Officer's Training Program, there were two incidents. The first one was the football coach asked me to join the team because I was on the track team and they needed a fast halfback even though I weighed 145 pounds at that time. I finally was called into the game, and on the first call they handed me the ball and I tried to sweep the left side of the line.  Unfortunately, there was a 300-pound tackle waiting for me and after he slammed me to the ground I was faced with a number of stitches which ended my very short experience with that sport.

In the second experience which happened while at a track meet, I was entered into the 220 yard dash and was running in third place for most of the dash, decided to spurt to first which I did, but faded at the last moment and ended up in second place.  The exhilaration of spurting as I did remains a very strong memory since then.


Two experiences have stayed with me all this time.  My marriage on November 6,1949 at a famous New York Hotel the (Commodore) with a full tuxedo-black tails and top hat, then spent four days (at a hotel rate of $10 per day at the Commodore!!) meandering around NYC to shows and fancy restaurants (and even to a subway trip to A&S Department store to exchange a pair of shoes)...and then followed by a 10-day honeymoon to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic on a freighter-cruise ship of 100 passengers. While in the Dominican Republic we visited their capitol amidst a large group of soldiers travelling up the front lawn which we later on learned was part of a coup de eta to take over the government. Thank goodness there was a steel fence between us and the armed troops.


The First--Andrea, March, 23, 1953

She had a long ride from our home in Jamaica, Long Island through the Queens Midtown Tunnel to the French Hospital because the usual two-lane roadway was reduced to one lane for there was a slow truck in the one remaining lane at about 1 am in the morning. Needless to say the female part was having conniptions, the male did all he could to bring calm to the situation....which finally ended about an hour too long. Andrea was born around 5 am that morning. She had some interesting jobs in Bridal Marketing, American Express Foreign Collector, as a Real Estate Agent, and now is involved in planning travel excursions for her many customers in California.

The Second--Ellen, February 15, 1961

While our second daughter was a spirited one, and eventually showed a creative marketing background through her artistic endeavors, she learned to get from one space to another by rolling instead of the usual method of crawling and then walking. She helped her husband design clothing for their business, and has always liked to deal with people in the same manner--solve some critical problems in a creative manner. 

Our Third and "Space Travel" Youngest--Karen, May 23, 1962, was born while astronaut Scott Carpenter was determined to complete a number of projects in his Aurora 7 flight.  This type of determination carried on through Karen who was always determined to do things that usually take a while longer (like riding her three-wheeler bike on two wheels at least right after Ellen learned, and did so with the help of her dad who had to run up and down the street in one day until she caught on). It was this type of determination that carried her through most of her life in whatever she attempted.

Raising our three girls into the women they are today is one achievement my wife and I felt we have lovingly accomplished.



Travel/travelling & some interesting experiences while doing so; Cars & Thrills; Little League; The Dinah Shore Story; Not Really a Strange Woman, Working Surprises.


Bernie is a real person who resides in one of our Brookdale communities. Many of the stories he has written are based on factual evidence from newspaper stories and other sources available to the public.  He uses his imagination in parts to help supply the “twist” at the end.  The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Brookdale Senior Living.


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