My Biography: Working Part 3

After finishing my college education at New York University in June 1948 courtesy of the G.I. Bill of Rights, there were no jobs for college graduates who had diplomas with their specialties--mine being journalism major.  The worst part was my marriage plans with my loved one were delayed until late 1949 even though I had a job I didn't like to fill in until one with a specialty came along, but was fired three weeks before we got married!

The job market for graduates finally opened up after the start of the Korean war in late 1949, and my first job was as a proof reader with an electronics magazine with my 14th floor office near Grand Central Station in NYC.  After a month trial, I was hired as an assistant to the editor, and as his secretary since he was in charge of a major Association connected with the Electronics Industry.

The reason I told you about the location of my office because the day that the NY Giants were playing the Brooklyn Dodgers I had my usual windows open (Nope, no A/C then!), and when Bobby Thompson hit the winning run off Ralph Branca there was an amazing ROAR across all of New York City.

I was with this company for five years, and eventually became their space advertising manager for two of their electronic publications...but didn't last long because of my inexperience with sales.

From that point on I had 12 more jobs in Editorial, Space Sales, Advertising Account Executive, Copywriter, PR executive, Assistant Manager to the President of 10 publications, and one job of five years of PR & Advertising Manager of a Fortune 500 Company (Occidental Petroleum-Chemicals & Plastics Division), plus managing their telephone operations, and manager of their offices in three sites and operating plants. It was a busy job, an interesting one...too bad it only lasted that long, however, they closed that section down and I finally made up my mind to go into my own business.

A note here about working for someone and being your own boss.  It's better;  you make or break decisions that are your own, the laws of this country are written for owners not workers if you are looking to make more money...and it's nice to walk from your bedroom to a front-office at home which cuts the commuting time down to one minute!!!!

In my own business I was involved as an Advertising Account Executive-copywriter-PR manager and PUBLISHING (SPECIALTY) for 11 different companies and religious institutions.

I also got involved with the business of "bidding for government bids ("Bid Reporter") for the 2,836 sources around NYC (Queens, King, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, North Jersey, South Connecticut) and eventually bought a company that reported what the bid went for so owners knew what their competitors were doing to get a bid. At that time we were the only business like this.

The biggest thing I remember was when we billed one of America's largest companies in the U.S.  (We charged $5 per bid result). We billed the usual $5 charge, and a check for $50,000 came to us as payment.  What to do?  We looked at this check for three weeks and then decided to send it back.  If it were $5 million I don't think I would have!

We decided to move to Florida in 1972, and sold all our businesses and prepared to live in the Sunshine State for the rest of our lives, somewhat close to my parent's plans as I reported in the first segment of this biography! Of course, what happened?

Almost like what my parents went through. The people who owed me money from the sale of my own business never fulfilled their promises, and I lost enough that it was back to my own--I bought into a publishing company with five publications down in Florida, and spent the next 10 years with them, and then went back to my own specialty publication businesses for a while...until I finally ended up with only my condo monthly pub, and sort of small retirement.

Eventually, it was that time in life that health and not owning anything at all approached. That is where I am Brookdale, alone, but with many new friends and interesting acquaintances in a facility that does it all for you. 

Sorry, I forgot to tell you. I still have my own new business I created.  It's an Internet publication and is called SENIOR-NEWS-WATCH.COM, a blog reporting “What's Up In 65+ Senior Lifestyles” and another one in the same format called "What's Up in the Senior Industry.", of course, this weekly Brookdale column. At times I still pitch in at Brookdale with the Welcoming Committee, play poker, and run half of a Library here, exercise and spend a lot of time on the computer researching for my Internet blog plus settling all the arguments trying to find all the debate answers that eminent from around our food table.

Of course there is TV, especially when you stay up to 12:40 AM to watch the recent Cubs-Cleveland World Series, another one of those special things in life you'll always remember. 

NEXT WEEK...A Long Married Couple, and the Family Keeps Growing.



An Andy Warhol Original Painting, "The Gold Thinker" Goes Up For Auction...Found in a thrift store many years ago by Michael P. Wilson, this 30" X 40" picture will be auctioned for charity November, or City of, 11.2.16.

Bernie is a real person who resides in one of our Brookdale communities. Many of the stories he has written are based on factual evidence from newspaper stories and other sources available to the public.  He uses his imagination in parts to help supply the “twist” at the end.  The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Brookdale Senior Living.


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