Christmas Elf

This poem was also published in "Diary of Poems."  I have used these holiday poems many times for meetings and parties in the past.


Christmas Eve found Santa Clause

At work without a pause

Elves hurried and they scurried

Time grown short they also scurried

Toys and treats lay round the floor

Then came a knocking at the door.


Mrs. Clause let a small elf fly in

With diamond snowflakes on his chin

“Give me a nice warm place to stay

Soon I’ll be on my merry way.”

“Nay, we’ll have your help instead

For all Earth’s children now in bed!”


The elf drew himself up to his full height

He made a fine and fancy sight

Garbed in a silk and satin suit

All red and green with golden fruit,

On pointed cap and boots, bells tinkled

His silver eyes smiled and twinkled.


“You want one like me to work?

Nay, from work I’ll always shirk!

You may look at me, admire

And show me to your toasty fire

Your hospitality please show

I’ll take a cup of rich cocoa.”


Santa heard and was not pleased

He picked up the elf and squeezed.

“I’ve no patience with a lazy elf

I’ll put you on this high, high shelf

Where you shall stay out of our sight

Until you learn to be polite!”


The elf then sat and watched the rush

As busy elves stirred up a dust

He saw bright gifts piled up in style

Santa’s pack appeared in awhile

Eight reindeer outside began to neigh

It seemed great fun was underway.


Thought he’d do well to join these things

The elf unfurled his golden wings

Flying beside the pretty stack

He jumped right into Santa’s pack

But soon he wished he’d fled instead

As he was thrown in Santa’s sled.


Reindeer soared through crystalline air

They had no time to spare

A full moon gave them welcome light 

“Ho, Ho, Ho” rang through the night

Santa Claus brought Christmas toys

To all good girls and boys.


The reindeer pulled Santa to a final halt

Down one last chimney he did vault

      “Mary lives here, the darling girl

She’s a fair and precious pearl

Who deserves an extraordinary toy

What have I left to bring her joy?”


Santa opened up his pack and in dismay

Spied the little stowaway

Out flew the proud elf in green and red

“I heard what you have said

Can’t you see to Mary I’ll appeal?

Don’t you know I’ll be ideal?”


The elf was surprised as he could be

As Santa tied him to the Christmas tree.

“Velvet ribbons will you adorn

Ensure you’re still here in the morn

Now I must go, it’s getting late

 I’ll leave you to a happy fate.”


Christmas morn, Mary laughed in her delight

She loosed the bow holding her treasure tight

Then hugged and kissed him up and down

“You’re the most handsome elf in town

Will you stay, play, and leave me never?”

“YOU admire me…so I’ll stay forever!”




By Virginia L. Wylie

Virginia resides in Brookdale Orange City, Florida and is the author of the poetry that appears here. The views and opinions expressed in this poetry are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Brookdale Senior Living.


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