It has been difficult since the recent election to write, or have a conversation, that is not potentially controversial. At our daughter’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, we held to a non-political conversational treaty. We talked about books, movies, food, violin lessons, strange neighbors, etc. – everything except the elephant in the room. Had we not done that, there would potentially have been one person at the mercy of the rest of us. That would not be nice. 

The political truce at Thanksgiving was really an extension of the usual truce here at our CCRC.  My political leanings were made clear when we first moved here. There is no mystery about that. However, for many residents that identity is not obvious.

I never try to convince anyone that “I am right and they are wrong”. By the time we have reached this age, our convictions are strong and it is important for a civil society (CCRC or national) to respect the differences of opinion. At the conclusion of our recent history class, the teacher decided to make the last class about contentious elections of the past (check out 1800) and then to comment on the current one with his choices quite apparent.  Half of the class engaged, the other half remained stonily silent.  There were no arguments.  

I did volunteer to work on voter registration events with The League of Women Voters (non-partisan).  One such event was in the lobby of our CCRC. Many disabled people needed help with absentee ballots. New residents had to re-register and those who moved from out of state needed details about different rules.  I enjoy doing this job. It is helpful and I meet the new residents. 

There is one thing that I really do not understand. Have you ever met anyone who, in their daily life, is extraordinarily kind, generous, and loving to family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors but in their professed beliefs sound truly mean spirited?   Can anyone explain this?

Betty Ago


Betty is a real person who resides in one of our Brookdale entry fee communities. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Brookdale Senior Living.

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