Walk, Walk, Walk

It was the only way to get to my high school location. Such a thing as a bus for school transportation was unheard of for any student unless they were handicapped when I attended at those times.

And it was a five-mile roundtrip walk up and down a very long hill in icy weather, a slippery-slide one back downhill during winter.  We didn't complain...we just did it! The other alternative was to have our parents who would help out by driving their children and certain friends, or seniors who were old enough to drive up a 5-mile school drive in their own automobile.

Those occurrences were few and far between.  So it was WALK, WALK, WALK for most of us.

Later in life it was good to find out that WALKING was not only good for you, but helped the body in our later years.

Half of the year (Spring and Fall) it also provided an appreciation of Mother Nature who displayed its beauty as it grew leaves during its life cycle, and shedding them as they grew older.  It also provides us a wonderful time to mush through piles of leaves on the ground during the Fall. The crunching sound was just unbelievable during that time of the year.

Winter, especially, the snow days (happened only if it was over 12 feet impassable snow piles) caused us to experience time off for those periods of school life. That's when you really had fun sliding down the piled-up snow stacks.

I can remember using large tin "sleds” to slide down high hills in which the boys would jump into this remarkable tin-sled and ride down with the girls screaming their heads off at the experience. Yet, we still WALKED, WALKED, all the five miles to reach our high school which sat on the top of a hill that made this type "sledding" of fun thrilling during the dark, (in the morning) and open air sleds the rest of the time.

During the early and late summer times we did not have a choice of sitting in a classroom with no air conditioning. It was just too expensive for school budgets to adapt this wonderful (in later years) type of life that our children and grandchildren experience today. With all that walking we had just about enough time to complete our homework and off to bed we would go.

Horse-drawn buses were created in Indiana in 1886, and gradually improved its appearance in most schools until present time. They were motorized in 1900, and continue to evolve even in today's school world with many safety devices and construction improving its use.  Finally, the last improvement, seat belts, is starting to go worldwide.

Physically, “walk, walk, walk” had its benefits then, and does so now, so we can be thankful that our generation had benefits thrown at them without realizing it!.



This week we are using the letter "E"


Enough enemies emaciate everyone;

Even equities, everywhere, entirely.

Equality evaporates earnings,

Erasing empires, easements, encounters.

Bernie is a real person who resides in one of our Brookdale communities. Many of the stories he has written are based on factual evidence from newspaper stories and other sources available to the public. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Brookdale Senior Living.


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