What Happened To My Tradesman?

I've employed many tradesmen during my lifetime to do some construction work around my various homes, and what one did in particular will remain with me..."the case of the left over mystery."

We were having a new tile floor being laid while in our first home, something I usually do myself. In this particular occasion I hired a tradesman after reading his ad in my local condo newsletter. Before deciding to use this individual, I called several of the references he gave me, and learned that his work was very satisfactory.

He reported the very first day after I had made those calls to his references, and proceeded to do the required work. At the end of the day, just before he left, he said I would see him at work by 8 am, and would he have cash for that day's work. Fortunately, I had cash around to cover the required payment. I told him I would pay him at lunch for the previous day's work.

He reported to work the following day promptly.  At lunch he said he was going out and would return within an hour. Hours passed without his return, and I was perplexed since his tools were lying all over the floor.  By the end of the day, I never saw or heard from him.

I figured something must have happened to him, and that I would eventually hear from him. Days passed, I never heard from the hired tradesman. I figured to wait for another few weeks in case he was in an accident, got sick and never called.  I gave up, put all his tool aside, and by then had enough time to finish the job myself!

To this day, years and years later, his tools still are in a special bag in case he came back.  He has not gotten in touch with me...and I have given up hope that he will ever come back.  

That's the case of "What happened to my tradesman!"


~~~The Case for the Rolled-Up Newsletter Contest

I have had some dorky individuals in my lifetime, and one of them was this girl co-counselor at a summer camp, named Gypsy, when I was in my late teens. We had a good time together, and at the end of the camp season, she promised to send me a newsletter on what was happening in her life, especially since she was now going to attend medical school to start her road to becoming a doctor. Her first letter came a couple of months later just before being drafted into the armed forces that was being used to create an army to fight in World War II. It was nice to hear from her, and I responded as soon as possible.

It a was at my next "mail call" that I received her second newsletter.  This was the first time ever received one like this...A rolled-up newsletter, 157 pages long. I learned on the first page that she and her girlfriend, who also attended that summer camp with us, were in a contest of whom could write the longest newsletter. As far as I was concerned, it was the longest one I had ever seen.  In the 157 pages, it included two short stories, a few poems, and her life in the start of medical school. I also learned that she was in a short-story writing class amidst her medical classes.  It surely deserved first place in the contest. 

However, it was the last time I ever heard from her.  I could always use a 157-page booklet-type newsletter to cheer me up while in the armed forces. Couldn't you?

The last time I saw this newsletter is when I dug it out of a drawer and gave it to one of my granddaughters.



This edition we are using the letter "D"


David dodged defensive disappointments,

Despite determined dangerous dispatches

During dinnertime disputes definitely,

Darn dumb discussions downright disruptive.



Bernie is a real person who resides in one of our Brookdale communities. Many of the stories he has written are based on factual evidence from newspaper stories and other sources available to the public. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Brookdale Senior Living.

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