Personalized Living: A Creative Response to Aging

Personalized Living

Seniors always catch my eye when I’m out and about. Whether I’m at the grocery store, stopping at the bank or ducking into the drugstore, that’s who draws my attention. With everything seniors have contributed throughout their lives and the wisdom they have to share, they deserve to be noticed!

I especially note those who are doing their best to live independently, but I can see are finding it difficult. Errands and other activities of daily living can become challenging due to the changes of aging, even when they aren’t considered medically severe. For example, the senior whose arthritis makes stooping down or opening jars harder or one who feels less confident driving or taking the dog out in inclement weather. Still, there’s the understandable desire to continue living one’s normal life. 

Luckily, services are emerging that provide flexible and non-medical help at home and make things easier, safer and more enjoyable. At Brookdale Senior Living, we have a program called Personalized Living. It offers access to senior living experts and a coordinated suite of social, advisory, wellness, home care and even cleaning services. Light housekeeping, preparing dinner, cleaning a litter box, picking up groceries: these are just some of the tasks we can handle. It can provide daily calls to check in on how a senior is doing, remind them about medical appointments, pay bills or even take care of the house, bring in the mail and water plants during a vacation. This private duty home care can make living at “home” better.

Even people residing in a senior living community can find the service useful. Community associates provide day-to-day activities and personal matters, but personalized living offers one-on-one private duty services. For example, you can get an escort to medical appointments or help running errands. Services are customizable and can be arranged on a short-term or long-term basis. And it’s important to know that you can start or stop personalized living services at any time. 

There has traditionally been an expectation that family members can help with errands and daily tasks, but that’s not always realistic. In our highly-mobile society, many seniors live hundreds or even thousands of miles from their adult children. A number of them don’t have living relatives. Even seniors with family nearby may prefer not to ask them for help, because it makes them feel like a burden. Brookdale’s Personalized Living and similar services offer a valuable answer to these situations. As America’s 65-plus population grows, I am very excited to see how this kind of creative response is emerging to meet the unique needs of each senior.


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