Taking Safety and Security in Senior Living Seriously

transitioning adult parents to senior living

For those of us who have the privilege of caring for aging loved ones, we understand your Mom or Dad may be vulnerable. Sometimes they are vulnerable because of their physical limitations, sometimes it’s because of cognitive decline, and sometimes it’s because of their wealth. Sometimes, it is all three.

Because of that, safety and security in senior living is a top priority. Door access policies, strategic lighting, emergency call systems, crisis management training and video surveillance are just some of the steps we take to ensure our residents and associates are safe.

We also strive to stay on the cutting edge of safety and security technology by developing partnerships with innovative industry leaders and identifying and piloting new technologies from start-up organizations. One recent example is a pilot project with Accushield. Accushield replaces traditional paper sign-ins with badge printing electronic kiosks. This provides confidence knowing that visitors are verified to be on the premises.

Residents Help Make Pilot Project Work
One of the things I love about this pilot is that the people who live in the test communities get involved. Along with staff, the residents themselves stopped visitors on the premises without an Accushield badge, telling them to go back and sign in. After all, those visitors are in their home.

Additionally, Accushield also checks the credentials of vendors who have access to residents’ apartments. (Vendors must submit specific credentials, like background checks, TB tests and state certifications.) It makes that process easy and consistent by verifying the credentials comply with our policy and following up when an update is required or vendors are out of compliance.

The leadership team at the community that used Accushield is so happy with the results we’ve decided to expand the pilot to some of our other large communities. One of the many reasons I love working for Brookdale is that the company has a thirst to innovate all aspects of the business, even something as seemingly mundane as the old paper sign-in process.

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