5 Ways Seniors Can Get More Connected

Social connections are a vital part of keeping people mentally and spiritually healthy. During retirement, it’s common for seniors to feel disconnected and lack daily, social interactions. If you’re a senior who’s been searching for ways to develop life-enriching relationships, here are some excellent ways to do that. 

Volunteering with Others

1. Volunteer for a cause you believe in.

Use your valuable life experience to create a rewarding retirement while helping others. There are even volunteer opportunities specifically for seniors, like Foster Grandparents, which helps children’s organizations through tutoring, mentoring and caring for youth with disadvantages or special needs. New research shows intergenerational relationships, like between grandparents and grandchildren, and are good for us at any stage in life.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

2. Nurture and strengthen existing relationships. 

Sometimes it’s not about finding new friends; it’s about connecting with the friends and family you already have. If you’re going to lunch or a movie, invite a friend or family member. Schedule time each day to call or visit a friend. 

Stargazing Party Photo

3. Check out a stargazing party. 

In many cities, amateur astronomy clubs host gatherings to share the night sky, and their telescopes, with the public. Astronomy is just one of many options to explore in your community. Look for unexpected opportunities to take on a new hobby, try a class or even revisit an old interest. Try www.meetup.com to view and join outings and club meetings with others who share your interests.

Piano Playing Photo

4. Join a jazz band. 

Or at least try out the trumpet. Whether it’s learning a new instrument or studying a new language, research shows that our brains benefit from the challenge of learning. Research also shows that music stimulates the brain and enhances memory in seniors. Not only will learning a new instrument give your brain a boost, it’s also a great way to meet new friends.

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