Celebrating National Sibling Day: A Brookdale Resident Reunites with her Brothers

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Sibling relationships are often the longest friendships of our lives. For Rama McCarty, 87, that is true of her relationship with her brothers, Cordell and Duell. Neither distance nor the effects of early stage dementia could shake their loving bond. So when Rama, a resident of Brookdale Augusta, wanted to see her brothers in Ocala, Florida, Brookdale and Wish of a Lifetime made it happen.

Rama was born into a large, close, farming family – she had 10 brothers and sisters! She still remembers those early years, “We had to work, we had a big farm, we pulled cotton, I even plowed a horse. There were four girls born before a boy came along. I had to work like a boy.”

It’s been years since the siblings were together. Life has taken their family in different directions and some siblings have passed away. This was the right time for a reunion, as Rama is living with progressive memory loss.

On March 3, 2017, Rama and her two daughters traveled to Ocala for the visit. The three siblings talked at length and cherished the time to reconnect after so many years apart.

“I will always treasure the memories from this trip to Florida,” said Rama.


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