Where Do I Go Now?

Years, ago, when I first became aware that I was growing old, I began to think about how and where I would like to live. I thought that it would be very nice to live on a large compound much like the Bush family or the Kennedy clan. But instead of being brought together by family ties, we would be friends and acquaintances in the same stage of life. We would all be entering retirement. Rather than gathering in New England, I thought Florida would be more comfortable for us.

We would all have our own quarters, but would share certain areas. We would do the things we like to do and hire people to do the things we didn't care to do. If we felt like seeing a movie, there would always be someone who would also like to see one. We could always find someone to play cards with, go shopping with, or take a stroll around our compound with. We would have coffee and cookies every now and again and have a nice chat with our friends. We would get together to do puzzles, sing, and even exercise! A swimming pool would be nice for water exercise and swimming laps. And we might even want to put on seasonal shows to entertain all of us. The possibility of learning new crafts would be available. We would all have input about what we would like for dinner, and what time we prefer to eat. Oh, and wouldn't it be nice to have a cocktail party every month just to celebrate our being together? For those with green thumbs, there would be a flower and vegetable garden. Certainly a putting green would be there for the duffers. And everyone would have their own private porch to enjoy the open air in their pajamas, if they wanted to. Our compound would be near doctors and a hospital should we need them. And we would be mindful that we might need help as we grow older, so assisted living would be nearby ... and a nursing and rehab center. We could live as we want, doing as much or as little as we care to, alone or with friends. We could arrange trips together to see plays, ball games, and concerts. We could stay in our quarters and read, or go to breakfast or lunch in a bunch. Sometimes we would have a hard time deciding what to do because so much would be available. Yes, all this was a pipe dream and then I found Brookdale's Lake Port Square.


Marian resides in Lake Port Square in Florida and is the author of the blogs that appear here. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Brookdale Senior Living.


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