Young at Heart

This one is from my "Diary of Poems"


Friends from childhood chanced to meet

For one sought out the other

“How have you been, dear Jodie?”

“I’ve had my ups and downs

How have you been, dear Jinny?”

“I’ve had my laughs and frowns.”

Friends, grown old, stood on the street

Appraising one another

“’Tis clear to me, dear Jodie

To you Time has been kind.”

“’Tis clear to me, dear Jinny

That Time has made you blind!”

We walked and mumbled, grumbled

 Why had Life our cookie crumbled?

We were once so fair and had an air

The men all knew that we were there!

Bah…we shan’t give in to such defeat

Our minds are much too fleet

To start, we shall be young at heart

For that bold air remains our part!

“Grown old, we need not now behave

For that we can be gay and glad

We’ll wear purple, red, and blue

As is our right to do

Ah, men will notice us ‘tis true

Whenever we wish them to.”

“Dazzling diamonds in our ears,

Actions will belie our years

Leaning on our canes of gold

We’ll have adventures yet untold!”

Virginia Wylie

Virginia resides in Brookdale Orange City, Florida and is the author of the poetry that appears here. The views and opinions expressed in this poetry are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Brookdale Senior Living.


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