Brookdale Associate Grants 28 Wishes of a Lifetime

In 2010, Brookdale partnered with Wish of a Lifetime, a non-profit organization that grants Wishes for seniors, to provide a helping hand in making some of the dreams of Brookdale residents come true. Since then, the partnership has granted more than 800 Wishes to Brookdale residents.

Nancy Venezia, a resident programs coordinator at Brookdale North Boynton Beach, has granted 28 of those Wishes – more than anyone else at Brookdale – and she has no plans of slowing down!

 “People say I have a lot of Wishes, I wish I could say I had more time to do more Wishes,” said Nancy. “It is my goal to have every resident get their Wish granted, so I am working on it.”

Brookdale Associate

Makes Dreams Come True

Nancy’s infectious enthusiasm makes her a resident favorite. Her job is to develop and implement programming that engages residents, but she’s taken on much more than that.

“God has entrusted me with the most fragile population and me being able to be with them all day is a gift. It’s a gift for me. It gives me a purposeful life to know that and I love them.”

As soon as Nancy’s corporate supervisor told her about the Wish of a Lifetime program, she started making her residents’ Wishes come true. She has weekly meetings with residents to talk about Wishes, then fills out the request application and submits it to Wish of a Lifetime. Her first Wish was for a woman named Sarah who hadn’t been to the circus since she was a child. Sarah got her Wish and attended a Ringling Brothers show.

“She had an absolute ball! She came back with a clown hat on and cotton candy, she talked about it forever.”

That was just three years ago. Since then, Nancy’s granted all types of Wishes – date nights, family reunions, trips to national monuments, concerts – you name it; she finds a way to make it come true. She says the common theme is simplicity – most of her residents just want one day where they get to feel special. That happens to be Nancy’s specialty.

“For me, it’s a pleasure, it’s a privilege, and it’s so exciting to watch my resident have a dream come true. I cannot thank Wish of a Lifetime enough for giving me this program to give to my residents because it is a thrill.”


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