Okay, Kay

Kay Walsh had the right stuff

This gal was no cream puff

One of the first female Marines,

From ‘41 to ’43 she served the WWII scene

Performed her patriotic duty

Helped keep our country free

While she wasn’t required to shoot

She folded many a parachute

After the war, Kay and her husband Don

Spent the many years they’d won

For themselves and family

Serving their community

Then one day when Kay was 92

Her loving Don, forever true,

Surprised her with a treat

At DeLand Airport they went to meet

A pilot who took her along a high route

Then let her jump out of the plane in a parachute

Had she folded one just like it so long ago?

Kay thought so!

Don Walsh, a WWII Army vet, only watched Kay’s jump. He and Kay currently live at

Brookdale Orange City.  She is 95 now. Don is president of the Resident Council and

plays the organ for relaxation. They told their story at a BDOC event recognizing female war veterans.

Virginia L. Wylie

Virginia resides in Brookdale Orange City, Florida and is the author of the poetry that appears here. The views and opinions expressed in this poetry are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Brookdale Senior Living.


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