Tip Of The Tongue

The word sat on the tip of my tongue

I couldn’t say it so there it hung

Again my mind went blank

Once more my heart sank

I turned to my friend

“I fear this is the end

I know that word as well as my name

But it escapes me just the same.”


My friend gave me a smile

“You are far from senile

If that word won’t come back

I’ll tell you my knack

Call it thingy or whatchamacallit

Call it thingamajig or whatzit”

Laughter loosed my tongue’s hold

Off fell the word…OLD!


“That word on the tip of your tongue

Was surely a slip of the tongue

You and I and all of our friends aren’t old,

We’re pure OLD GOLD…

We’ve a lot more to live

And plenty to give.”

There’s no need to lament

A senior moment.


Virginia L. Wylie


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