Clara's Secret

Clara is a recent arrival at Brookdale. She and I have become good friends.

You can easily understand why I like her so much.


It’s fair to say

Most women are prettier

 When they smile

At least I see it that way


Don’t we all

Feel happier and share happiness

When we smile?

Try now to recall…


The day Clara appeared at Brookdale

Those around her smiled without fail

I tried to figure her out

Charisma, without a doubt

We quickly fell under her spell

If we asked her, would she tell?


Look and listen, wait awhile

Clara’s face breaks into that impish smile

Who could resist, so you smile too

She is paying attention to you

She is full of fun

And she’s just begun


She says you’re pretty

Says you look well and happy

You’re smiling so, yes, you’re pretty

You’re smiling so, yes, you’re well and happy

Clara’s secret is to share her own happiness

And it all starts with her darling smile.

Virginia Wylie

Virginia resides in Brookdale Orange City, Florida and is the author of the poetry that appears here. The views and opinions expressed in this poetry are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Brookdale Senior Living.


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