A Vaccine for COVID-19: Brookdale’s Next Step in Aiding Prevention

“Given the nature of the population we serve, we believe this is a vital initiative, and are grateful that the government is prioritizing senior living in the distribution of vaccines,” says Cindy Baier, President and Chief Executive Office of Brookdale Senior Living.

Plans for a rollout in every one of our eligible communities are already underway, and we’ll begin scheduling clinics as soon as a vaccine is made available—which public health experts believe could be as early as this month. The COVID-19 vaccine is expected to be administered in two doses.

While we’re thrilled to have this new tool for COVID-19 prevention, Brookdale will continue to take precautions in our communities to help keep residents safe, including the use of personal protective equipment, testing as directed by local health authorities and enhanced cleaning protocols.

“Fighting COVID-19 is the challenge of a lifetime, and Brookdale has mobilized in full force to fight the highly contagious virus and help keep our residents as safe as possible,” Baier says. “And now we’re getting ready for the next step.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Brookdale’s plan for distributing a COVID-19 vaccine, and read on for some frequently asked questions.

A COVID-19 Vaccine

How Brookdale Is Getting Ready

Frequently Asked Questions

When will a COVID-19 vaccine be widely available to the public?

The CDC says that while limited COVID-19 vaccine doses may be available in 2020, it’s anticipated that the vaccine supply will increase substantially in 2021. So, 2021 is when most people will be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

What are the side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine?

Most people do not have serious problems after being vaccinated, according to the CDC. We will understand more about mild side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine before we start to use it. Note that your arm may be sore, red, or warm to the touch. These symptoms usually go away on their own. Some people report getting a headache or fever when getting a vaccine. These side effects are a sign that your immune system is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. It’s working and building up protection against disease.

Is it true you need two doses of the vaccine?

Yes. Nearly all COVID-19 vaccines being studied in the U.S. require two shots. The first one starts building protection, but everyone will have to have a second one a few weeks later to get the most protection the vaccine can offer.

Isn’t it better to get immunity from actually having COVID-19 than it is to get immunity from a vaccine?

No. The CDC says getting the COVID-19 vaccine is the safer choice. While scientists are still learning more about the virus, the current advice is that COVID-19 has caused serious illness and death for many, many people and if you get it, you also risk giving it to your loved ones, who may get very sick.

Can individuals pay to be one of the first to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

No. Vaccines will be administered according to the federal government’s carefully planned priority list, which Brookdale is thrilled to be a part of.

Why aren’t hand-washing and social distancing enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

We need to use many different methods to stop a pandemic. The CDC points out that vaccines work with your immune system so your body will be ready to fight the virus if you are exposed. But washing hands and using hand sanitizer, maintaining social distance, and wearing face masks help reduce your chances of being exposed or of spreading the virus to others.

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