Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith believes today’s unprecedented advances in technology, coupled with the growing fight against ageism, means it is a promising time to transform the aging experience. As Brookdale’s director of innovation and strategy, this millennial supports the organization’s strategic planning, partnership and innovative efforts. Long interested in how complex programs are designed and measured, he worked as a data analyst and strategist before joining Brookdale in 2009. Andrew serves on the executive board for Girls on the Run of Middle Tennessee and along with his wife Jessica, helped raise over $20,000 to rebuild a public school playground for special needs children. A youth wrestler who was a four-time Tennessee state championship finalist, Andrew received a master’s and bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University. He and Jessica reside in Nashville with their daughter Eloise.

New Technology Trends - What Really Matters to Seniors?

Category: Technology & Innovation July 31, 2017

I stood in an expansive hotel foyer behind a table with a little white sign that said Technology and Innovation, setting out various gadgets, robotic pets and flyers. A woman who looked to be in her 80s walked up to me and asked, “What’s that contrap... Read more

Robots for Seniors: 3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Improves the Lives of Seniors

Category: Technology & Innovation June 26, 2017

The robot revolution is upon us, but it has a different face than the human-like robots in Isaac Asimov novels or Jetson’s cartoons. These robots are cylinders and boxes that look more like a popular kitchen appliance than a human. Amazon, Google and... Read more

Why Interdependence is the Key to Independent Living

Category: Technology & Innovation May 26, 2017

“How is life different compared to when you lived independently?” A very well respected innovator and human centered designer asked this question of a group of about six seniors in their 80s and 90s at a recent Aging 2.0 event. This struck me as an o... Read more

Transportation for Seniors: Brookdale and Lyft Partner up to Give Residents a Ride

Category: Technology & Innovation April 24, 2017

Pat King is a vibrant, 92 year old woman who loves to paint, sew and arrange flowers. When she speaks, her giggle seems to bubble up in between her Australian-accented phrases. But as she’s grown older, she decided it wasn’t safe to drive. She told u... Read more

Robotic Pets Find Forever Home at Brookdale Senior Living

Category: Technology & Innovation March 23, 2017

I must admit that when I first unpacked Hasbro’s JOY FOR ALL Companion Pets, I was a little skeptical. The plush dog and cat are so lifelike, it was like unwrapping a puppy at Christmas. But once I turned on the animatronic pets, I was mesmerized. Th... Read more

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