Bernie Block

Bernie Block is a 90+ year-old Brookdale resident who writes about the major decisions he has made throughout his life. He also shares stories affecting 60-plus senior lifestyles. Bernie uses the second part of his blog to report senior news headlines and ends each article with a one-line senior joke.

Walk, Walk, Walk

Category: Resident Blogs January 11, 2017

It was the only way to get to my high school location. Such a thing as a bus for school transportation was unheard of for any student unless they were handicapped when I attended at those times. And it was a five-mile roundtrip walk up and down a ver... Read more

What Happened To My Tradesman?

Category: Resident Blogs January 04, 2017

I've employed many tradesmen during my lifetime to do some construction work around my various homes, and what one did in particular will remain with me..."the case of the left over mystery." We were having a new tile floor being laid while in our fi... Read more

More Personal Auto Biographies

Category: Resident Blogs December 28, 2016

~~~ Our Car Disappeared in Hawaii      On our 50th Anniversary, we flew to Hawaii with another couple and boarded a cruise ship for a 7-day vacation of the Islands, as well as a sojourn to Christmas Island (the largest atoll in the Pacific and discov... Read more

Auto-Biography Series Continued - Closet Office

Category: Resident Blogs December 21, 2016

(My beginning & end entrepreneurial endeavors) ~~A Travel-Oriented Publication      I started the entrepreneurial part of my life 42 years ago preparing specialty publications (Your Health Digest;  Senior World, Your Health, Help Phone Digest For Sen... Read more

Auto-Biography (Continued) - Coke Bottles Learn To Fly

Category: Resident Blogs December 14, 2016

(Very Early Marriage)      One of the things my wife and I decided to do after we got married was to assign different duties. I took financial which, consisted of the checking account, savings, deposits and almost anything connected with money.  Sinc... Read more

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