Betty Ago

Betty Ago shares thoughts about her experiences, life lessons, family, and what daily life is really like for her and her husband who live in a Brookdale Continuing Care Retirement Community. Betty chose her pseudonym, AGO - it stands for After Getting Old! She is very active in her community, is an avid reader and gained lots of writing experience throughout her life by writing letters to the editor of her local newspaper.

Volunteer One

Category: Resident Blogs February 17, 2017

Sometimes I get myself into trouble. I tend to say, “Yes” much too readily.   At least that is how I used to operate. I confess to being a serial volunteer at libraries, hospitals, civil liberty groups, social service organizations, Senior Citizen Ce... Read more

Marketing or Just Another Day

Category: Resident Blogs February 10, 2017

It’s 11:15 and we promised to meet some “prospects” for lunch and a tour at 12:00.  I’d better get dressed. Meeting new people while dressed in a towel would not make a good impression.  We enjoy being “Ambassadors” for our Brookdale CCRC. It is a gr... Read more

Snowy Walks

Category: Resident Blogs February 03, 2017

Just as we left our friends after a leisurely lunch in our CCRC dining room, it started to snow. I had intended to take a walk.  So, I did. I wore my bright red parka, which makes me visible for quite a distance and walked my usual route around our c... Read more


Category: Resident Blogs January 27, 2017

PWOLOCS is an organization to which I have belonged for a very long time. Never heard of us?  We are the “People Who Love Crazy Socks”. Since I am prone to joining various groups, I will also confess to being a devoted member of “FTHGTTG”- known by i... Read more


Category: Resident Blogs January 20, 2017

In elementary school, it took forever for the clock to say 3:30. I spent so much time staring at that clock that I often missed what the teacher was saying. “Betty! Pay attention in class”, were the words I remember best. With today’s standards, I mi... Read more

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