Betty Ago

Betty Ago shares thoughts about her experiences, life lessons, family, and what daily life is really like for her and her husband who live in a Brookdale Continuing Care Retirement Community. Betty chose her pseudonym, AGO - it stands for After Getting Old! She is very active in her community, is an avid reader and gained lots of writing experience throughout her life by writing letters to the editor of her local newspaper.


Category: Resident Blogs March 24, 2017

A very short blog for a very cold day. Outside the window, see the flock of black birds convening on the snow covered branches of their chosen meeting place. Watch the three ladies mincing along on the treacherous sidewalk holding their snow encased ... Read more


Category: Resident Blogs March 17, 2017

Golden cornbread fresh from the oven looks beautiful and smells even better.  A quiet bitter cold afternoon provides the perfect environment to bake. I seldom need to cook or bake. Therefore, when the spirit arises it is for pure pleasure. The baking... Read more

Bad Words

Category: Resident Blogs March 10, 2017

Wow! That was quite an exciting Book Club meeting this morning. This past month we read “Still Foolin’ Them”, the Billy Crystal autobiography. Not many participants claimed to like the book. Some really disliked it. The book starts, as many stand-up ... Read more


Category: Resident Blogs March 03, 2017

The residents of our CCRC each have a copy of a book containing the names, location, phone#, e-mail and photo of all the other residents. This same information is also available on our resident website. The book is updated with inserts about every si... Read more

Not So Hot

Category: Resident Blogs February 24, 2017

Dear readers, by now some of you must be grumbling, “OK, so she volunteers a lot, is good at math and reads a lot of books. That is just a bit too much goody-two-shoes “. So, I’ll tell you what I can’t do. I am a total klutz at all sports and cannot ... Read more

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