Christopher Leech

Since volunteering at an adult day care at age 14, Christopher’s known that he wanted to work with seniors. As a millennial, he’s been fascinated with technology’s evolution. So as Brookdale’s Manager of Resident Technology and Innovation, he’s able to combine his calling with his passion by developing programming that teaches seniors the newest technology. He believes that when seniors have this knowledge and ability, it fosters social connections and encourages lifelong learning, creativity and growth. Christopher has a Master’s of Science in Bioethics from Columbia University and a Double Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of California, Davis. When he’s not reading a book or listening to a podcast, Christopher can be found people watching in his Brooklyn neighborhood.

Tech Tips: 10 Tips for Teaching Technology to Seniors

Category: Technology & Innovation April 04, 2017

“Can you teach my mom?” That’s the first thing people ask me after I tell them I develop programs that teach seniors technology at Brookdale Senior Living.  In today’s increasingly ... Read more

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