Kim Estes

When Kim had the choice as a child between playing with other youngsters and spending time with her grandparents, she always chose the latter. She treasures the wisdom and life experience of seniors, which is why she has devoted her career to the aging. As Brookdale’s senior vice president of clinical services, she oversees its health and wellness programs and works to inspire more nurses to dedicate their careers to seniors. Estes serves on the Clinical Quality Executive Roundtable for Argentum, the provider trade organization, where she advocates for exceptional care and innovation throughout senior living. She graduated as a registered nurse from the University of Kentucky and received a master’s of science in nursing from the Chamberlain College of Nursing. The latter, formerly the Deaconess College of Nursing, was founded on the Deaconess principles of caregiving and public service. With two grown children, Kim is now an empty-nester who is looking forward to her upcoming wedding. She resides in Tennessee with cats Lucky and Leo.

Five Tips for Dealing with Senior Stress

Category: Health & Wellness April 18, 2017

Everyone experiences stress, but as we age, added pressure can take a serious toll on your physical and mental wellbeing. Seniors have a more difficult time coping with stress because the body’s natural stress response slows down. According to the Am... Read more

What are Advance Care Directives? Planning for the Future

Category: Health & Wellness April 17, 2017

Most people are exceedingly uncomfortable talking about the end of life and it’s understandable, of course. Our society emphasizes youth and anti-aging, which further discourages thinking about later life, let alone planning for it. However, it is cr... Read more

5 Ways to Help Manage Diabetes in Seniors

Category: Health & Wellness March 28, 2017

It’s National American Diabetes Association Alert Day! This day is especially important for seniors since they are at risk of developing health related complications from Type 2 diabetes if not diagnosed and managed. In fact, one out of four seniors ... Read more

How to Sleep Better as You Age

Category: Health & Wellness March 13, 2017

“What wouldn’t I give for a good night’s rest?” If you’re like me, you’ve said this at least once and maybe more.  And as we age, sleeping problems and sleep disorders become more common. According to a 2003 poll done by the National Sleep Foundation... Read more

Personalized Living: A Creative Response to Aging

Category: Health & Wellness February 06, 2017

Seniors always catch my eye when I’m out and about. Whether I’m at the grocery store, stopping at the bank or ducking into the drugstore, that’s who draws my attention. With everything seniors have contributed throughout their lives and the wisdom th... Read more

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