Virginia Wiley

Virginia L. Wylie, Ph.D., is a retired teacher and school principal from Charleston, WV and professor emeritus of educational leadership at Valdosta State University. Born in 1932, Virginia is twice widowed and lives with her cats, Sugar and Pepper, in one of Brookdale’s Florida communities. Poetry is her retirement hobby and she’s published two books, one about family and the other about teaching. She is a member of the International Society of Poetry.

Donna and the Crane

Category: Resident Blogs October 08, 2016

A good laugh can make our day.   Donna noticed a crane on the grounds As she made her usual rounds She liked to get some daily sun And see ... Read more

Virginia Wylie: Lois's New Hat

Category: Resident Blogs August 27, 2016

This pretty lady attracts attention anywhere she goes.  We all want to see which hat she'll wear today.   On the porch where we sat I complimented Lois on her ... Read more

Virginia Wylie: Eleanor

Category: Resident Blogs August 20, 2016

Eleanor became my table mate in the dining room. She was a bit gruff and cranky at first, but now, we are best friends. (Ha)      Eleanor came through ... Read more

Virginia Wylie: Ditzy

Category: Resident Blogs August 13, 2016

I overheard enough of this conversation to make a poem; I got a kick out of.   They sat upon the porch in shade Those sweet old girls With bouncing ... Read more

Virginia Wylie: Chutzpah

Category: Resident Blogs August 06, 2016

This is the first of several poems I have written about Barbara, our activities director, in appreciation for all she adds to our lives. Hurrah for our friend Barbara Barbara’s ... Read more

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