Virginia Wiley

Virginia L. Wylie, Ph.D., is a retired teacher and school principal from Charleston, WV and professor emeritus of educational leadership at Valdosta State University. Born in 1932, Virginia is twice widowed and lives with her cats, Sugar and Pepper, in one of Brookdale’s Florida communities. Poetry is her retirement hobby and she’s published two books, one about family and the other about teaching. She is a member of the International Society of Poetry.

Donna and the Crane

Category: Resident Blogs October 08, 2016

A good laugh can make our day.   Donna noticed a crane on the grounds As she made her usual rounds She liked to get some daily sun And see what else was fun We talked a bit during lunch She knew a good one, I had a hunch She said she'd been somewhat ... Read more

Virginia Wylie: Elves at Play

Category: Resident Blogs October 01, 2016

Here I'm comparing my working days with retirement.   Elves and imps romped unheard Sprites twinkled by unseen Joyous games unwanted, unheeded... Life's road curved 'round Went up and down I trod it patiently Walked so purposely Days of duty came and... Read more

Virginia Wylie: Is Life But Fate?

Category: Resident Blogs September 24, 2016

I look around at those many who need help of all kinds and hope I can make some of them happier  for even a few minutes.   Blame our ills on fate?  Beware! If we feel that life's unfair Why waste our time in deep despair? Look more closely if we dare... Read more

Virginia Wylie: No Name

Category: Resident Blogs September 17, 2016

This one made me both sad and joyful.   She stared and smiled at me She sat, pink dress and pretty Halo of cloud-white hair And the sweetest of air, She stared and smiled at me Her smile led me to assume A friendly word or two for me I wheeled to her... Read more

Virginia Wylie: Lois's New Hat

Category: Resident Blogs August 27, 2016

This pretty lady attracts attention anywhere she goes.  We all want to see which hat she'll wear today.   On the porch where we sat I complimented Lois on her hat "I have nearly 30 now," she explained "Every year a few more hats I've gained Indoors o... Read more

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