Virginia Wylie

Virginia L. Wylie, Ph.D., is a retired teacher and school principal from Charleston, WV and professor emeritus of educational leadership at Valdosta State University. Born in 1932, Virginia is twice widowed and lives with her cats, Sugar and Pepper, in one of Brookdale’s Florida communities. Poetry is her retirement hobby and she’s published two books, one about family and the other about teaching. She is a member of the International Society of Poetry.

The Hillbilly Stomper

Category: Resident Blogs May 20, 2017

Velma, a small, pert, 79-year-old newcomer At Brookdale Orange City Introduced herself by hillbilly stomp dancing Across the lobby floor, winning our hearts Letting us know she’d bring stomping, Romping, and a ton of fun to these parts. Her dress of ... Read more

Okay, Kay

Category: Resident Blogs May 13, 2017

Kay Walsh had the right stuff This gal was no cream puff One of the first female Marines, From ‘41 to ’43 she served the WWII scene Performed her patriotic duty Helped keep our country free While she wasn’t required to shoot She folded many a parachu... Read more

The Maypole

Category: Resident Blogs May 06, 2017

This is one of several poems published in poetry anthologies. THE MAYPOLE Once, I twirled around the gay maypole For me the bells did toll In my gown of flowing violet I was my darling’s pet, Alas, all that is in the past You see it didn’t, couldn’t ... Read more

Drink More Water

Category: Resident Blogs April 22, 2017

Yesterday during a meeting, our resident council president, kept talking about why we should drink more water. This led to complaints about how many of us have to take water pills and the problems of getting to the bathroom in time. That's one reason... Read more

Easter Thought

Category: Resident Blogs April 15, 2017

Come be my Easter Bunny, honey I want you to be near This glad, sad Time of year Let us wonder, ponder The reason for this season Long was the night The sun will rise Day dawns light Life springs, sings We’ll be together, ever In truth, joy lies. Vir... Read more

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