Virginia Wylie

Virginia L. Wylie, Ph.D., is a retired teacher and school principal from Charleston, WV and professor emeritus of educational leadership at Valdosta State University. Born in 1932, Virginia is twice widowed and lives with her cats, Sugar and Pepper, in one of Brookdale’s Florida communities. Poetry is her retirement hobby and she’s published two books, one about family and the other about teaching. She is a member of the International Society of Poetry.

The Book Club

Category: Resident Blogs March 25, 2017

Marilyn Walker came to Brookdale town And took herself a look around To see what all was happening And what was sorely missing She quickly joined the poetry group And contributed a welcome whoop “We are word people,” she noted To books and libraries ... Read more

My Kite

Category: Resident Blogs March 18, 2017

A child I was I dared to want But did not need That big red kite On the grocer’s wall. I wanted that kite With all my might But “money is tight” My parents’ said,  I bowed my head. “You’ll have no kite store-bought You’ll make one as you ought You ju... Read more

Sir Leprechaun

Category: Resident Blogs March 11, 2017

An old and grizzled Leprechaun Still thought he was Don Juan When e’er he spied a pretty lass He couldn’t help but make a pass Lassies would be his friends, no more The flow of time they’d not ignore. Then one lass took him home with her “I’ve just t... Read more

Virginia's Poetry Corner

Category: Resident Blogs March 04, 2017

I encourage participants to write their own poems. A few make a stab at it. A lady new to Brookdale Orange City and our poetry group wrote this one. Marilyn is also hoping to start a Book Club for us.  I look forward to the Poetry Corner And am grate... Read more

I Wonder To Him

Category: Resident Blogs February 25, 2017

  Barbara led a session about our marriages, wedding pictures, and obits.  I wrote this poem about my husband Wayne who died of leukemia.  A couple of women asked if they could change the name and use the poem in honor of their own dear ones.  I agre... Read more

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