Virginia Wylie

Virginia L. Wylie, Ph.D., is a retired teacher and school principal from Charleston, WV and professor emeritus of educational leadership at Valdosta State University. Born in 1932, Virginia is twice widowed and lives with her cats, Sugar and Pepper, in one of Brookdale’s Florida communities. Poetry is her retirement hobby and she’s published two books, one about family and the other about teaching. She is a member of the International Society of Poetry.

Drink More Water

Category: Resident Blogs April 22, 2017

Yesterday during a meeting, our resident council president, kept talking about why we should drink more water. This led to complaints about how many of us have to take water pills and the problems of getting to the bathroom in time. That's one reason... Read more

Easter Thought

Category: Resident Blogs April 15, 2017

Come be my Easter Bunny, honey I want you to be near This glad, sad Time of year Let us wonder, ponder The reason for this season Long was the night The sun will rise Day dawns light Life springs, sings We’ll be together, ever In truth, joy lies. Vir... Read more

Tax Time Friend

Category: Resident Blogs April 08, 2017

The year I wrote this poem was the first but not last time I used a CPA at tax time. Who is this I see Flopped flat upon the floor? Can’t take it any more Papers scattered all around Once neat files that can’t be found Pencils broken, erasers chewed ... Read more

April Fool's Day

Category: Resident Blogs April 01, 2017

Winter turns to Spring Happy birds sing Folks take their ease Laughter rides the breeze Then imps come out to play ‘Cause it’s April Fools’ Day… Beware April First! For jokes we have a thirst But imps are often naughty They want to make us dotty What... Read more

The Book Club

Category: Resident Blogs March 25, 2017

Marilyn Walker came to Brookdale town And took herself a look around To see what all was happening And what was sorely missing She quickly joined the poetry group And contributed a welcome whoop “We are word people,” she noted To books and libraries ... Read more

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