Change your brain. Change your life.

The human brain is incredible. Whether you’re breathing, talking, walking, thinking, remembering — all of your daily activities depend upon your brain. Everything that makes you “you” occurs there.

 It is important to keep our brains healthy throughout life. That’s why Brookdale has developed an excellent program called BrainFit designed specifically for community residents to help keep their brains healthy and active.

Brookdale’s exclusive BrainFit program relies on the latest research to develop a brain healthy lifestyle for residents. The various aspects of the BrainFit program are designed to help reduce the risk of dementia and increase health and wellness.

Here are a few features of the BrainFit program that Brookdale residents enjoy:

Know Your Brain Series Residents can participate in this four-session course, which uses engaging classroom learning and hands-on activities to help explain important aspects of a brain healthy lifestyle. During the course, each participant will create an individual brain health plan that can be used on a daily basis. This course was developed with the help of expert Dr. Paul Nussbaum, who is Board Certified in clinical and geropsychology with a specialty in neuropsychology. 

Flex Your Brain Exercises Your body isn’t the only thing that benefits from a good “workout.” Your brain needs to be challenged as well. Through Flex Your Brain exercises, Brookdale residents enjoy regular mental fitness workouts in the form of short-but-fun games, puzzles and/or challenges. Each exercise targets a different element of brain health, which include improving long-term memory, multitasking, attention to detail, and more.

Grow Your Brain Projects — Many Brookdale communities will sponsor a Grow Your Brain project once or twice a year. These projects are more in-depth and complex, making them extremely beneficial to brain health. An example of a community project may be a group of residents organizing, planning and planting a garden. A Grow Your Brain project will challenge each resident on a multitude of mental abilities and skills, while still being engaging and providing a great way for residents to come together at the community.