A 104-year-old WWII Veteran takes to the skies 

We know that those who are fortunate enough to live to be more than 100-years-old continue to have goals they want to accomplish and dreams they want to fulfill. 

Take Howard “Mac” McCue for example.

He is a 104-year-old WWII and Vietnam veteran who are a dedicated family man, an experienced mechanic, and a motorcycle enthusiast. He also lives at Brookdale Hamilton in New Jersey where the staffs who are trained in caring for those who are aging know him well enough to know that he hasn’t flown in a plane for more than 20 years and there’s nothing he’d like to do more. 

That’s why they worked with the Wish of a Lifetime organization to give Howard the opportunity to fly again in a Cessna 182 to celebrate his service with the Civil Air Patrol in June 2017. 

Mac’s interest in mechanics led to a 32-year career as a maintenance supervisor. During WWII, he was stationed at Fort Dix, where he supervised a team of mechanics and repaired all different types of Army vehicles. During the Vietnam War, as a radio operator, he relayed messages from troops to the home front. His dedication to our country and passion for machinery led to a long and successful career as an expert mechanic. 

Before taking flight, Mac was awarded a Congressional Gold Medal, as well as a commendation from New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith and an American Flag that was flown over our nation’s capital. He has recognized in front of his family and the Brookdale Hamilton staff an extension of his family.

PHOTO CREDIT: Mackenzie Lane Photography ( http://www.mackenzielanephotography.com)