A Mariachi Band Visits Laura

Laura D. is a 100 year old resident of Brookdale Yreka. When she was younger, she lived in El Paso, TX. She is very proud of her Mexican American heritage. Her father was a member of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) that advocates for Hispanic civil rights in the United States.

At the age of 10, Laura learned how to play the piano and was musically talented. She could play many songs by ear, such as the Spanish Flemencos. She was particularly fond of Mexican music because it was a part of her culture and passion for music. Laura's wish was to have a Mariachi band play at her community.

The last time she heard a mariachi band was almost 40 years ago! Getting a chance to hear a Mariachi band again would be a wonderful way to bring happiness and energy back to her and the community.

In order to help Laura reconnect with her culture, Wish of a Lifetime along with Brookdale fulfilled her wish of bringing a Mariachi band to her community. Laura, her family, and her friends got the chance to listen to the band of Mariachi Centella on July 31st, 2016.

Laura's daughter, Mary Anne, said that, "They were a group of 7 members, wearing beautiful red outfits that looked like it came straight from Mexico!" She also mentioned how, "There was a woman who was crying the first 10 minutes of the Mariachi performance... Although they can't understand Spanish, the Mariachi singer was so expressive with his voice and expressions." By granting her wish, Laura got the chance to share her love of Mexican music and culture with everyone.

(Photos taken by Michael Le Guellec)