Al Attends a Yankees Game

Al G., 80, from Brookdale Henderson in Henderson, Texas, is a lifelong Yankees fan. Al said “I knew how to spell ‘Yankee’ before ‘America!’” Al became interested in the Yankees when he began watching Joe DiMaggio play in the early 1950s on TV. Al said “Joe was so good that he got me stuck on baseball. He made the Yankees so special and now they are still inspirational.” Al wished he could watch the Yankees play in person.

Al has enjoyed not only watching baseball, but also playing the sport. Growing up, Al worked at a local bowling alley. After carefully setting up the bowling pins, he would run outside to play baseball before he had to go set up the bowling pins again. Halfway through his senior year of high school, Al joined the Oregon National Guard and became a gunman. After this, Al joined the Air Force in July 1954 and served for 22 years. He served in 25 different countries, and retired as a Master Sergeant.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were excited for Al to attend a Yankees versus Astros game with his son-in-law, Scott, on July 25, 2016. Not only had Al never been to a Yankees game, but he had never attended a Major League Baseball game either. Al described the wish as a “goal of a lifetime!” and could not wait to cheer on his favorite team live from Minute Maid Park. After the game, Al said "I felt like I was at home" watching the Yankees. Resident Program Director, Lisa, said "it made him smile from ear to ear the ENTIRE time that we were at the game. He looked like a child on Christmas morning." Al hopes he can attend another Yankees game next year! 

Photo credit: Alyse French Photography