Jim Visits Asheville, NC

Jim A., 76, from Brookdale East Broad of Statesville, North Carolina, has fond memories of visiting various cities in the southeast area of the United States, strolling through the towns and seeing all of the sights. Jim moved to North Carolina years ago but has never had the opportunity to visit Asheville. He frequently heard about the city from his peers and simply wanted to explore the beautiful town. And so his Wish of a Lifetime was to visit Asheville, North Carolina. 

Jim worked in the funeral home services throughout his life. When his own wife, Connie, passed away, Jim became very involved and dedicated to helping others. Jim said “Now that I’ve got full time to help others, I’m in heaven. I think that’s one reason why the Lord took my wife when he did, so I could help others.” Jim volunteered with Meals on Wheels for four years, saying the meal deliveries “helps the other residents, and helps me too! It blesses my spirit.” Jim not only assists residents with mobility issues but even dresses up in costumes for themed events to add extra cheer to the community. 

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were pleased to send Jim and the Brookdale East Broad Resident Program Coordinator, Renee, to Asheville, North Carolina. Jim not only had the opportunity to discover Asheville via LaZoom Tours but also the Biltmore Estate. Jim was excited for the opportunity to explore a new place and finally see what his fellow residents were raving about. 

Photo credit: Rachael McIntosh Photography