Living Life to the Max

Many couples celebrate milestone anniversaries like 15 years or 25 years of marriage but far fewer celebrate 50 or 60 years of marriage. So when Minnie and Carroll, who live in Brookdale Friendswood in Friendswood, Texas, celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary, they wanted to do so with friends and family in a big way.


Minnie and Carroll's life together has been anything but "mini." They have traveled to places like Brussels, London, and Japan and have experienced a life full of friendship, adventure, and prosperity. Their life has served as an inspiration to many people that have interacted with them.

As time has passed, Minnie and Carroll have not thrown the large gathering of friends and family they dreamt of having for their anniversaries. Brookdale and Wish of a Lifetime helped the happy couple celebrate 62 years of marriage by hosting a dinner and a party with their entire family.